🚀 Witness Lego’S Stellar Drone Extravaganza: Kids’ Cosmic Creations Light Up The Night Sky 🌌

Lego’s Space Odyssey: Reinvigorating a Generation’s Passion for the Stars

Space exploration has consistently captured the imagination of children worldwide, and a recent study conducted by The Lego Group has confirmed this enduring fascination. The survey, targeting individuals aged four to fourteen, revealed that a remarkable 86% expressed keen interest in space, signaling a renewed enthusiasm for the cosmos among Generation Alpha.

Unleashing Creativity with the Spacecraft Design Contest

To commemorate this surge in space-related excitement, Lego invited children to submit designs for a spacecraft capable of transporting them to the uncharted realms of space. Six exceptional concepts were shortlisted from the myriad submissions, each embodying unique and imaginative interpretations of interstellar vessels. These designs were meticulously transformed into captivating Lego builds by Didac Perez Soriano, Associate Master Builder at Lego House.

Celebrating the Winning Designs with a Sky-High Drone Show

The winning spacecraft designs were celebrated in grand style through a mesmerizing drone show against the iconic backdrop of the New York City skyline. The drone display brought to life the six vessels, including a T-Rex equipped with a jetpack and a whimsical bed furnished with wings. The spectacle served as a testament to the boundless creativity fostered by Lego, inspiring young minds to envision limitless possibilities in the world of space exploration.

Interview with Space Experts: Dan Meehan and Kellie Gerardi

Dan Meehan, Creative Lead for Lego Space:

“The Lego Space theme has consistently captivated imaginations, encompassing the past, present, and future through our iconic Castle, City, and Space collections. While our initial space sets leaned towards creativity, we have recently expanded our offerings to include more realistic and science-based sets, such as our collaboration with NASA on the Artemis Space Launch System.”

Kellie Gerardi, Astronaut and Citizen Scientist:

“The resurgence in space enthusiasm among Generation Alpha is incredibly inspiring. Space represents our shared past and future, and it is thrilling to witness the innate curiosity that children possess for the cosmos. Lego, through its platform for creative expression, empowers these young minds to explore their passion for space, fostering their imagination through contests like this and our various space sets.”

Lego Space: Catering to a Diverse Audience with Realistic and Fantastical Sets

In response to the survey findings indicating the desire of 86% of children to discover new planets and travel to space, Lego is tailoring its Space theme to appeal to both children and adults. The company’s focus on creating both realistic and fantastical space sets caters to different audiences, allowing for diverse exploration and play experiences.

Cross-Theme Connectivity: Aliens Unite Lego City, Friends, and Technic

For the first time in 2024, Lego will introduce a unifying element across its City, Friends, and Technic themes: the alien design. Building elements designed for these themes will enable seamless connectivity, extending the imaginative possibilities from basic Lego Duplo sets to sophisticated space art sets for older builders.

Kellie Gerardi’s Spaceflight Experience: An Emotional and Inspiring Journey

As a payload specialist on the Virgin Galactic’s Galactic 05 research mission in 2023, Kellie Gerardi experienced firsthand the transformative power of space exploration. She described the mission as an intensely emotional experience, despite her extensive preparation in astronautics research. The “overview effect,” or cognitive shift in perspective, gained from witnessing Earth from space further fueled her passion for inspiring others to experience this life-changing perspective.

Lego’s Enduring Legacy: Inspiring Generations of Space Explorers

Many individuals, including Gerardi herself, have fond memories of Lego Space sets from their childhood. These sets, with their intricate details and realistic designs, ignited a fascination for space exploration and fostered an understanding of the intricacies of space vehicles. Lego continues to inspire budding space enthusiasts by providing the tools and platforms to embark on their own cosmic adventures.


The Lego Space theme has undergone a resurgence, driven by the renewed passion for space among Generation Alpha. The company’s focus on both realistic and fantastical sets, coupled with the cross-theme connectivity and alien design element, cater to a diverse audience, fostering creativity and inspiring future space explorers. The Lego Spacecraft Design Contest, celebrated through a captivating drone show, stands as a testament to the boundless imagination and limitless possibilities that the cosmos holds for generations to come.