A special reunion starring Magdz Szubanski, Jane Turner and Gina RIley


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More than two decades Kath & Kim it has shown consistent and almost unsurpassed repeatability. Whether it’s on a streaming platform, hotel room TV or on an airplane, they’re easy to watch and just as funny, if not funnier, here and now than they were when they first aired. My own iPad has all four seasons, telefilm and feature film. And they all wore out.

The original series is a wonderfully dark but loving slice of life in the Australian suburbs. He struck a complex balance, throwing a lot of shade but never disrespectfully. He could immerse himself in the bleak pathos of Sharon’s loneliness and, a moment later, turn to an almost absurd exploration of Kath’s hat-making, amateur drama, or unparalleled dancing skills.

Jane Turner as Prue and Gina Riley as Trude.

He gave us iconic characters like empty nester Kath (Turner), her nightmare daughter Kim (Riley), Kim’s second best friend Sharon (Szubanski) and Kath’s lover and later second husband Kel (Glenn Robbins). Alongside them, there’s a pantheon of great characters from the fringes of the home goods store, ladies Prue and Trude (Turner and Riley), Kel’s girlfriend Sandy Freckle (William McInnes), menswear salesman Darryl Lee (Mark Trevorrow) and, delightfully, Brett’s nightmare mother Lorraine (Szubansky).

It also gave us a lexicon of untruths and garbled expressions carved horribly but magnificently into the Australian vernacular. The best comedies in the world are often remembered for one purpose only Kath & Kim he gave us almost too many to list: ignoranus, egotesticle, effluent, hornbag, day-facto, fauxhemian, greassssh, cardonnay, and of course the most memorable phrases of the series, “noiyce, different, unknown” and “look at moiye”.

Here’s the thing: Mine is a ton of laughs Our sewing lifethe new footage is packed with original clips from the series, glitches and behind-the-scenes footage, notably appearances by A-list guest stars including Michael Bublé, Matt Lucas, Richard E. Grant, Artistic Director of Bangarra Dance Theatre, Stephen Page and Kylie Minogue, who played Kimina and Brett’s grown daughter Epponnee Raelene Kathleen Darlene Charlene Craig.

These clips are very entertaining, a truly rare insight into the making of a hit comedy. Bublé and Grant’s enthusiasm is infectious. It’s great that Kath, Kel and Eric Bana are doing character interviews on set during filming. And the backstage chats with cricketer Shane Warne, who has become obsessed with cricket-mad Sharon, are truly poignant.

But the new material is weakest, held back by shaky production values ​​and a lack of narrative cohesion. Broken into a series of loosely linear scenes, perhaps they could have been better structured as a stand-alone episode that would have served as a better companion piece to the promised cast reunion and would have fulfilled the implied marketing promise.

And therein lies the real problem. Selling a two-part reunion special as new content to potential audiences was always going to be a tough proposition, especially when the program is delivering something like a clip show. Also frustratingly, most of the firepower – interviews with Turner, Riley, Szubanski and other cast and creatives – was almost certainly saved for the second installment, effectively abandoning the first.

Our sewing life There’s a gimmick missing, like the pilot episode table used to reunite the cast Nanny. Missing is a superfan host like Jennifer Garner, who played master of ceremonies for the cast reunion Schott’s Creek. And it lacks big-budget impact friends meeting, which is inevitably a high bar against which it (and other meetings) is compared.


But revisiting the world Kath & Kim, even for a short time, it’s really exciting. Timeless, despite the emergence of a younger generation of edgier comedy, the source material is just as sharp and delightful as the first time around.

Kath & Kim: Our life in the sewers now it can be seen on 7plus. Kath & Kim: 20 absurd years will be broadcast on Mondays at 19:30 on Seven and 7plus.

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A special reunion starring Magdz Szubanski, Jane Turner and Gina RIley

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