An apartment fire has destroyed multiple units near downtown Nanaimo


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dated: 2022-11-19 20:06:26 .

One person needed help from a bystander to escape the ground-floor apartment, while another needed help at the scene for smoke inhalation but was discharged without going to hospital.

Approximately seven people were displaced by the fire, which caused significant damage to four units and immediately affected housing in three others.

“Significant fire damage to first and second floor apartments,” Porter added. “It was a difficult fire as the car park is underground so the height was an issue for us, but the crews worked quickly and we were able to get the fire under control within minutes.”

Porter also said the building was older and did not have sprinklers inside, which allowed the flames to spread more easily.

Firefighters will determine the cause of the fire in the coming days.

The block of flats is north of and overlooks the Millstone River and Bowen Park.

Several fire engines were on the scene along with paramedics from BC Emergency Health Services. Nanaimo RCMP officers and BC Hydro staff also attended.

“Initially the power was out for this entire block, but BC Hydro is currently working inside the building to try to isolate the seven most affected units and see if we can restore power to 50 per cent of the building so residents can live again. ‘ added Porter.

The insurance status of the victims is unknown, and Emergency Services program staff are ensuring that the deportees are safe and temporarily housed.

A man who identified himself as Dwayne lives in the building and told the story NanaimoNewsNOW his morning coffee was interrupted by the sound of the fire alarm.

“We drank coffee, everyone in the neighborhood drinks hot chocolate, we are quite neighborly. I heard the fire alarm, I’m not taking any chances, so get out of the building first, I don’t care what you have.”

He added that it was a very frightening incident and not something he would wish on anyone.

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An apartment fire has destroyed multiple units near downtown Nanaimo

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