Animated Masterpieces Triumph At Spain’S Animayo: Iranian And Guatemalan Films Shine

## Animayo Gran Canaria: ‘In the Shadow of the Cypress,’ ‘Remember Us’ Triumph with Top Honors

Held from May 8 to 11, 2024, the 19th edition of Animayo Gran Canaria, Spain’s premier animation festival, culminated with the announcement of its top prize winners. Iranian director Hossein Molayemi’s “In the Shadow of the Cypress” and Guatemalan filmmaker Pablo León’s “Remember Us” emerged as the standout films, earning the festival’s most prestigious accolades.

### ‘In the Shadow of the Cypress’ Claims International Jury Prize

“In the Shadow of the Cypress,” directed by Hossein Molayemi and Shirin Sohani, captivated the international jury with its poignant exploration of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its impact on family dynamics. The film’s evocative visuals, skilled use of light, and compelling narrative earned it the Grand Jury Prize, as well as the festival’s Best 2D Award.

### ‘Remember Us’ Secures Animation with Ñ Prize

Pablo León’s “Remember Us” emerged as the winner of the Best Short Film of Spanish-Speaking Nationality – Animation with Ñ category. The film chronicles three harrowing stories of the Salvadoran civil war through the eyes of a journalist, highlighting the enduring scars of conflict and the importance of memory.

### Awards Showcase Artistic Mastery

Animayo Gran Canaria’s awards not only recognize exceptional storytelling but also technical proficiency. The festival presented awards in various categories, including:

– Best 3D: “Ruthless Blade” (Zhang Bo and Nicolas Nemiri)
– Best Stop Motion: “A Rapariga de olhos grandes e o Rapaz de pernas compridas” (Maria Hespanhol)
– Best Screenplay: “Orage” (Benoît Michelet)
– Best Art Direction: “Summer 96” (Mathilde Bédouet)
– Best Student Short Film: “The Navel of the Moon” (Sara António, Julia Grupińska, Bokang Koatja, Tian Westraad, Ezequiel Garibay)

### Qualifying for Oscar Consideration

As a qualifying festival for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Animayo Gran Canaria provides a direct path to the Oscars for its top short film winners. Both “In the Shadow of the Cypress” and “Remember Us” will be eligible for consideration in the Short Film categories at the 2025 Academy Awards.

### Festival Highlights

With its strong support from the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, the Society for the Promotion of the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and other sponsors, Animayo Gran Canaria has established itself as a leading platform for animation. The festival offers a diverse range of screenings, workshops, conferences, and networking opportunities for animators and industry professionals from around the world.