Are before and after fitness photos counterproductive?


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Before and after body photos are widely used in the fitness industry, but you should reconsider their usefulness for three main reasons:

1. The trap of comparison
Progress photos normalize a certain pace to see results. In reality, there is no “normal” pace for getting results.

Progress photos don’t give us any context about the person who achieved those results. work situation? Family obligations? Major life stressors? How much time do you have available for fitness and nutrition? Chronic disease? The variables are endless.

Progress photos invite us to compare ourselves with what can be seen in the photos. However, you will always be comparing apples to oranges.

2. Incorrect representation of progress as linear
Significant progress toward a long-term goal is never linear. Before and after photos simplify and misrepresent progress as simply moving upward toward a person’s ultimate goal.

They also encourage the all-or-nothing mindset prevalent among fitness enthusiasts, preventing them from achieving the results they desire. People with this mindset are likely to give up and stop working on long-term habit changes if they don’t see consistent, short-term results.

3. “Aesthetics first” is a very limited area of ​​progress
Everyone wants to look and feel good – it’s human nature. But when that’s all we focus on, we set ourselves up for failure and disappointment.

By the way, you look great the way you are now! Progress photos also make health seem secondary, often confusing height with health.

Karina Inkster is a health and fitness coach from the Qatheta area, author of five books and host of the No-BS Vegan podcast.

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Are before and after fitness photos counterproductive?

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