BC Senior releases his first album of original songs at the age of 80


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Sydney, BC –

When Emma Robbins was little, she had no idea that one day music would not be a part of her life.

– I sang on the swings in front of my house – Emma recalls with a laugh.

“And the whole neighborhood could hear me.”

Emma learned to play the guitar at the age of eight, won regional singing competitions by the age of ten and became famous in the Maritimes by the age of 16, appearing on television every week.

“It wasn’t a big deal,” he says humbly before showing me his picture on the cover of TV Guide.

“I only blood.”

It was a big deal when she married her first love, John. And that was a big obstacle when they decided to start a family.

“Back then you couldn’t act on TV when you were pregnant,” says Emma. “And that broke my heart.”

Therefore, Emma gave up her singing career to focus on being a wife and mother. Although she enjoys her new roles, she says she missed music a lot.

“I’ve had a few very difficult years,” Emma says of the inevitable ups and downs in life.

“And probably music would help.”

During the most difficult year of all, when John suffered a life-changing stroke, Emma suddenly heard messages in her head.

“It was a surprise for me,” says Emma. “I’ve never written a song before.”

However, Emma felt compelled to write about “roads growing harder,” “seas growing rougher,” and a long-term marriage growing stronger.

It was the first of nine songs that inspired her to write before she even wrote them down.

“I never thought it would go anywhere,” says Emma.

The then 65-year-old was too focused on her new role as caregiver anyway.

Until Emma turned 80 years old.

“I thought everyone would be ready for bins by the time they were 80,” smiles Emma.

Emma’s son James knew otherwise. He helped his mother set up a laptop and microphone to turn her closet into a studio.

Surrounded by clothes, Emma recorded original country songs that ranged from emotional to upbeat.

For Emma, ​​no time seemed to have passed between the ages of 18 and 80.

“That’s how it was when I sang as a child,” laughs Emma.

Sixty years after the end of her career, Emma recorded her first album called 80.

After the original country songs were professionally produced, Emma released her collection on all major streaming platforms.

He says John is proud and hopes listeners will be inspired to never give up on their dreams.

“You can do it!” Emma smiles.

No matter how unconventional the stage, it’s never too late for a star to be reborn.


BC Senior releases his first album of original songs at the age of 80

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