Bhc’S Bombshell Ruling: Imran Khan Dodges Incrimination

BHC Rejects Plea for Invoking Article 6 Against Imran Khan

Jurisdiction Issue: BHC Dismisses Petition for Invoking Article 6 Against Imran Khan

Balochistan High Court Cites Lack of Jurisdiction in Rejecting Plea

QUETTA, Pakistan – The Balochistan High Court (BHC) has dismissed a petition seeking action against former Prime Minister Imran Khan under Article 6 of the Constitution, citing a lack of jurisdiction.

The petition was filed by lawyer Amanullah Kunrani, who argued that Khan’s alleged actions, including inciting violence and making statements against state institutions, warranted action under Article 6, which deals with high treason.

A bench comprising BHC Chief Justice Hashim Kakar and Justice Shaukat Rakhshani heard the petition. After reviewing the petition and hearing arguments from both sides, the court ruled that it did not have the jurisdiction to adjudicate the matter.

The court held that the allegations against Khan related to his actions as a political leader, and that such matters were beyond the purview of the BHC’s jurisdiction. The court further noted that there were other appropriate forums available to address the allegations against Khan.

The dismissal of the petition does not preclude the possibility of future legal action against Khan related to the same allegations. However, it does indicate that the BHC does not consider itself the appropriate forum to address these allegations.