Bianca Atzei, pregnant and unveiled: she is beautiful (and happy) – ilmhunt

Bianca Atzei, pregnant and unveiled: she is beautiful (and happy) – ilmhunt


In this article, you will get all the information regarding Bianca Atzei, pregnant and unveiled: she is beautiful (and happy) – ilmhunt

Pregnancy gives her a lot: Bianca Atzei she showed herself in A shot without veils on Instagram with your stomach in plain sight and it is amazing. The singer has recently announced that she is pregnant and her joy is palpable from the images and words that she publishes through social media.

Bianca Atzei, the shot without veils: pregnant and amazing

A photo in the pool, in the background the blue water, the turquoise sky and the green of nature. But to strike is Bianca Atzei, hers Smile that bursts with happinessHer body that is slowly changing and showing her First curves of pregnancy. The belly is on display in profile, a straw hat covers the breast, I am wearing only a micro slip of the costume.

There The singer is spectacular: the hair is left wild and damp on the back, the body tells of a special expectation that it has revealed a very short time ago and that makes it More radiant than ever.

A rediscovered happiness, after the spontaneous abortion that she herself had told, for Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti who – from the announcement – ​​are sharing many shots of these special moments.

And she is not the only one among the VIPs to have published images without veils during pregnancy, photos that become the celebration of total change which occurs in this particular period of a woman’s life. Belen Rodriguez did it, while waiting for Luna Marie, with a crazy black and white photo, Paola Caruso had done it a few years earlier. But there are also Hollywood actresses or characters from the international showbiz who have shown all the beauty of pregnancy with unforgettable covers, such as that of Demi Moore from 1991 in a shot by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair.

Bianca Atzei, the announcement of pregnancy after pain

The announcement of Bianca Atzei’s pregnancy arrived via Instagram, a very sweet post in which her partner Stefano Corti is seen kissing her tummy. To accompany the image of her powerful words, which tell of a long-chased desire: “You We wanted more than anything else in the world. We are waiting for you and we will give you all our love.

A great happiness for the couple who went through the pain of a miscarriage. An inner wound that she had talked about in a long letter published through social media and on which she had then returned in an interview with Silvia Toffanin in very true.

“I have Always wanted to have a family – he had told -. After a few months of living together we immediately tried to have a child, but since he did not arrive after a year we resorted to assisted fertilization. It was an intense procedure, but it immediately went well: seeing the positive test was an immense joy. I thought I was invincible and I already felt like a mother. I didn’t think anything bad could happen because I was so happy. After the termination of the pregnancy I felt guilty. It’s hard to understand what happened.

A tortuous and difficult path. But happiness is back today because that desire has turned into reality. And the joy of seeing your dream grow is palpable from the images that Bianca Atzei shares on social networks.

Bianca Atzei, pregnant and unveiled: she is beautiful (and happy) – ilmhunt

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