Billionaires On Wall Street Bet Big On Trump: Verdict Ignored

## Wall Street Titans Back Trump, Unfazed by Guilty Verdict

New York, June 1, 2024 – Despite a recent Manhattan jury finding former US President Donald Trump guilty of falsifying business records, prominent Wall Street figures continue to rally behind him, prioritizing financial considerations over legal consequences.

### Elite Gathering at the Pierre

Prior to the verdict, an exclusive gathering of affluent Wall Streeters at the luxurious Pierre Hotel had already signaled their unwavering support for Trump. Amid the grandeur, participants dismissed the impending court ruling as mere “weaponization of the legal system.”

### Money Talks: Tax Cuts and Deregulation

Financial heavyweights such as Stephen Schwarzman and Bill Ackman are reportedly considering backing Trump once again. Their motivation, it seems, lies in his promises to slash taxes for the wealthy and eliminate burdensome regulations. These policies, they believe, will benefit their enterprises.

### Shifting Sentiment in Manhattan

Trump’s turnaround with Wall Street titans is particularly striking in Manhattan, where he was once dismissed as a fringe figure. Now, executives are willing to overlook his legal troubles in favor of his economic policies.

### Ethical Concerns Raised

Critics like Dan Lufkin decry the lack of moral fiber among Wall Street elites. “Is there a willingness to support Trump if it looks like he’s on the right track?” Lufkin asks rhetorically. “Yes, and I’m not proud of that.”

### Trump’s Campaign Response

The former president’s campaign wasted no time in capitalizing on the guilty verdict, characterizing Trump as a “political prisoner” and soliciting donations. The campaign reported a surge of $34.8 million in contributions shortly after the ruling.

### Biden and the Democrats

President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party maintain a significant lead in campaign funding, but Trump’s fundraising following the verdict suggests a potential surge in support.

### Progressive Unease

Some Wall Street figures have expressed concerns about the increasing tolerance for antisemitism among certain progressive Democrats. Billionaire John Paulson believes the verdict will bolster support for Trump.

### Opportunism on Wall Street

Whitney Tilson suspects that some Trump backers in the financial community are simply wagering on his likelihood of winning the election and aligning themselves accordingly.

### Conclusion

Wall Street’s embrace of Donald Trump, despite his criminal conviction, exposes the mercenary nature of the financial elite. However, it remains to be seen how voters will react to this extraordinary development in the lead-up to the November election.