Black Friday: This Samsung washer and dryer bundle is $600


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Black Friday is less than a week away and retailers just couldn’t wait long enough. We’re seeing big deals in all areas of technology, including smart home appliances like washers and dryers. It makes sense to buy such necessities when the prices are the lowest of the year. So if you’ve been thinking about replacing your units, now is the time. Samsung Black Friday deals include a great deal available today: a washer and dryer bundle for just $1,398. That’s $600 off the regular price. There’s no guarantee this deal will last until Black Friday, so get it before Samsung decides to pull it from the market.

Why you should buy a washing machine and dryer set Samsung Laundry Set

Samsung is a major manufacturer of large appliances, so you know this washer and dryer set will last you a long time. Since washing and drying are equally important to the laundry process, let’s talk about each individually.

This Samsung washing machine is 5.2 cubic feet, which is quite large for a washing machine. If you use the washing machine at full capacity, you can wash the laundry of the whole family at once. If only one person is using the washing machine at a time, you could be waiting weeks between loads and washing an entire wardrobe at once. There’s a quick wash setting that will complete a full load in 28 minutes, and it does the job well by eliminating the need to wait an hour between washes. It has pre-treatment settings for heavily soiled clothes. For all its features, it has vibration reduction technology, so you won’t even notice it’s on. Just take off your clothes and forget about it.

The dryer is just as impressive as you’d expect from Samsung. At 7.4 cubic feet, it’s big enough to handle a lot of wet clothes you just pulled out of the washer. It contains Steam Sanitize technology, so it catches all the bacteria that the washing machine missed. The dryer senses when the clothes are really dry, so you don’t have to guess how long you’re going to put them in. Both the washer and dryer can be connected to WiFi and controlled via an app, so you can set your clothes to be hot and dry when you get home.

Black Friday is a great time to score deals on washers and dryers, and this Samsung deal is a perfect example. Save $600 when you buy a Samsung laundry set for just $1,398.

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Black Friday: This Samsung washer and dryer bundle is $600

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