Bodycam shows five Utah police officers fatally shooting US ‘sovereign citizen’ Chase Allen in car (2023-03-09 23:35:11)

In this article, you will get all the information regarding Bodycam shows five Utah police officers fatally shooting US ‘sovereign citizen’ Chase Allen in car dated: 2023-03-09 23:35:11 .

Police in Utah shot and killed a 25-year-old man during a traffic stop earlier this month after he refused to obey commands.

An officer yelled out that the young motorist had a gun, before five officers fired into his car, body camera footage released on Wednesday reveals.

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Footage presented to reporters by Farmington Police Chief Eric Johnsen — who called the incident “a tragic ending to what started out as an everyday traffic stop” — shows five officers’ fatal shooting of Chase Allan on March 1.

It occurred after an officer pulled Allan over for what they said was an illegitimate licence plate.

Allan did not explicitly state he was a sovereign citizen, but those within the movement “don’t recognise the DMV”, CNN chief law enforcement analyst John Miller said during an discussion on the sovereign citizens movement last week.

“The police pull them over, but it’s no game.”

Author Dan Harris added: “This is a growing movement propelled by the internet where people are, as John said, ending up in lethal confrontations.”

Chase Allan was killed when five officers fired into his car during a traffic stop in Utah. Credit: Farmington Police

The footage Johnsen showed reporters on Wednesday was a compilation pulled from the five officers’ body cameras and the dashboard camera of the officer who initially pulled Allan over. It was also interspersed with brief written summaries of what police claimed unfolded.

The video provides a look at the fatal encounter between Allan and police officers. The day after the deadly shooting, the Farmington Police Department released a statement saying that “the driver became non-compliant with the initial officer”.

That initial announcement did not mention that the officers started shooting after one officer yelled “gun!” and that a gun was later found on the floor of Allan’s car, as the newly released footage shows.

Police footage shows police yell gun after Allan is seen moving his hand towards a holster, though no gun is visible in the footage. Credit: Farmington Police

The five officers involved have been placed on administrative leave, per department policy, while an investigation is underway by the Davis County Critical Incident Protocol Team, which is made up of a variety of investigators.

Johnsen on Wednesday conceded that the footage “is only one piece of information in the incident, and the only information available to us at the moment”.

Body camera footage shows encounter

The encounter occurred just after 3.20pm, when the officer pulled Allan over for a traffic stop in Farmington, a city about 27km north of Salt Lake City, according to the information released March 2.

The footage shows Allan pulling into a parking lot after being trailed by the police officer. The officer approaches the car and Allan “immediately asserts his right to not obey the laws of the land, at least the reason for this traffic stop,” Johnsen told reporters. Allan was in the car alone, police said.

When the officer told Allan the car was lacking registration, Allan replied he didn’t need registration and wouldn’t answer questions, and the first officer then called for backup.

He then transferred the phone with which he was filming the incident from his right to his left hand. He simultaneously moved his coat back to reveal a holster on his right hip, the footage shows. No gun was visible at that point on the video footage.

The initial officer who pulled Allan over then opened the door of the car. That’s when police say Allan’s hand moved towards his right hip, where his holster was.

Another officer tried to remove Allan from the car as the others stood behind him, and at least one of the officers then began yelling, “gun!”

At that point, the five officers began backing away from the car and shooting into it. The officers stopped shooting when one of them repeatedly yelled, “cease fire,” the video footage shows.

The officers then removed Allan from the car. The holster on his hip was empty, and a gun was on the floorboard of the car just below the driver’s seat, the footage shows.

Allan was handcuffed on the pavement while unresponsive, and was unable to be revived. Credit: Farmington Police

Officers handcuffed Allan while he was unresponsive and face down on the pavement, according to more extensive body camera footage provided to NBC News. Officers reported a possible head wound and multiple chest wounds, according to that footage. The more extensive footage blurs Allan’s body after the shooting.

Officers have not claimed that Allan returned fire.

Emergency medical personnel provided medical aid at the scene and Allan was pronounced dead at the hospital, according to the police department. The officers involved in the incident were physically unharmed.

Family calls it a ‘brutal murder’

Allan’s family members released a statement the day after his death calling it a “brutal murder” and claiming they had been “stonewalled by police” in seeking more information about the circumstances of his death.

They also said they found out about the shooting through local media coverage rather than from law enforcement directly, NBC affiliate KSL of Salt Lake City reported.

Johnsen said police had “been working diligently to collect the facts” in the aftermath of the shooting, KSL reported.

Family members described Allan as a “loving soul” who graduated from Utah State University and had been studying law the last few years, adding that he was “a patriot doing what he could to defend the people’s freedom and liberty in his community,” KSL reported.

Allan is the third person to die in a police-involved shooting in Utah so far this year, according to a database maintained by the Washington Post.

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Bodycam shows five Utah police officers fatally shooting US ‘sovereign citizen’ Chase Allen in car

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