Bureaucracy’S Puzzle: Phd Paradox – Bs-22 Vs Bs-16

Limited PhD Representation in Federal Bureaucracy: Only 2 in BS-22 Despite 11 in BS-16

Islamabad, Pakistan – In a stark contrast, the federal bureaucracy of Pakistan exhibits a striking disparity in the number of PhD holders across different pay scales. According to official data, there are only two civil servants with doctoral degrees serving in the prestigious BS-22 grade, while the number jumps to 11 in BS-16.

Overall PhD Representation

Out of a total of 4,36,243 federal government civil servants, a mere 203 hold PhD degrees, highlighting the limited representation of highly qualified professionals in the bureaucracy. Of these, 15 individuals with doctorates occupy posts in BS-1 to BS-16 grades, while the remaining 188 serve in BS-17 and above.

Disparity in Pay Scales

The distribution of PhD holders across pay scales reveals a significant imbalance. BS-19 boasts the highest number of doctorates with 80 individuals, followed by BS-18 with 59, BS-17 with 23, and BS-20 with 18. In contrast, only two PhD holders occupy positions in BS-22 and six in BS-21.

M.Phil Degree Holders

Moving on to M.Phil degree holders, the data shows a similar trend with a greater presence in BS-1 to BS-16 than in BS-17 and above. A total of 3,491 civil servants possess M.Phil degrees, with 1,788 holding posts in BS-16 and below and 1,703 in BS-17 and above. BS-16 has the highest concentration of M.Phil graduates at 1,377, while only one BS-22 civil servant holds an M.Phil degree.

Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree Holders

The number of civil servants with Master’s degrees stands at 50,140, with the majority (17,339) serving in BS 3-10 posts. This is followed by 10,257 in BS 11-15, 8,345 in BS-16, 7,796 in BS-17, 3,319 in BS-18, 1,855 in BS-19, 775 in BS-20, 331 in BS-21, and 81 in BS-22.

The total number of Bachelor’s degree holders in the federal civil service is 60,487. Of these, 52,848 serve in BS-16 and below, while 7,639 occupy positions in BS-17 and above. The highest number of Bachelor’s degree holders is found in BS 3-10 posts with 30,984 individuals.

Education Qualifications in BS-17 and Above

Interestingly, the data reveals that 481 officers in BS-17 and above have qualifications only up to matriculation, while 693 have an intermediate (FA/FSc) level education. In BS-18, 260 officers have intermediate qualifications, and in BS-17, there are 430 such officers. The number of matriculate federal government civil servants in BS-17 stands at 486, while in BS-18 it is 13.