Burglar Arrest: Arrested for at least two Midtown raids

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Police say there are 37 convictions on the record of the suspect in the case.

Houston — Man in police custody on suspicion of targeting at least two people midtown bar.

The intrusion occurred overnight during the months of December and January.

The reported two leg hit losses totaled $21,000.

According to the HPD, Jones has been arrested 63 times in Texas and 54 times in Harris County. The 45-year-old defendant was convicted on 37 counts. Seven of them were building robberies.

In February, authorities said Jones had struck a plea bargain over another robbery that occurred in November.

Police say surveillance cameras helped identify Jones in these incidents.

“I would definitely recommend to any business owner to have a constant power source for these cameras, because now often suspects cut power to the cameras. Detective Ng of the Houston Police Department said at a news conference Friday.

City ordinances require certain businesses to have 24-hour video surveillance from outside the building to the perimeter of the property.

The owner of one of the robbed bars, Reserve 101, is part of a coalition of bar owners who previously filed complaints with the city council.

“Before, I don’t think we were necessarily being listened to. Our voices are being heard quite a bit by the police as well,” Sean said. Fitzmaurice.

Fitzmaurice said there was still work to be done, but it was a step in the right direction.

“We can continue to work with the city to talk about these PR ties, talk about what alarms are allowed, and find solutions,” he said.

Fitzmaurice said the coalition has been working closely with Rep. Letitia Plummer, who is spearheading efforts to create new policies to better protect bar owners.

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Burglar Arrest: Arrested for at least two Midtown raids

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