Canadian music icon Fefe Dobson is ready for her next performance and new album


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The holidays are a special time of year for many, but for multi-platinum singer-songwriter Fefe Dobson, Christmas is a truly life-changing memory.

“My mom bought me a karaoke machine a year before Christmas and it really fueled my passion for music for a future music career,” Dobson told Daily Hive. “I recorded demos on a karaoke machine and sent them to record companies to be ‘discovered’.”

Even with a lauded 20-year career, Dobson isn’t ready to slow down. She describes herself as “reset and ready” for her next gig, including a new album to be released in 2023.

Born in Scarborough, Ontario, Dobson recorded her self-titled debut album while in high school for theater arts, although music has always been a part of her life.

“I think I was born for it. Ever since I was little, I danced and hummed to music. It always touched me and felt like an exhaust valve for me.

“When I started writing songs and collaborating with other songwriters and producers, I realized that this is where I should be. There’s a sense of belonging and meaning that I find in music and art that I couldn’t find in others growing up.”

Fefe Dobson (Mathew Guido for Spoke Entertainment/Supplied)

Since the release of the platinum edition The Dobsonian Villa With his debut album in 2003, Dobson was nominated for a JUNO Award, appeared in the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame and starred in films and shows such as Homecoming, Listener and Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Dobson also appeared as a guest judge Canadian Drag Race Season 2 and collaborated with Canadian music star Tyler Shaw to put together ArtistsCAN’s 2020 COVID-19 single “Lean On Me”.

When asked what she attributes her long and varied career to, the winner of multiple Much Music Video Awards and Canadian Radio Music Awards immediately said two words.

“Endurance and survival. I think when I was younger music really saved me. I come from a very humble background and was raised by a single mother as one of four children. Music was my way of creating the life I wanted instead of succumbing to the harsh reality I navigated.

“I was motivated by what started as survival. When I realized that I could make a living or a career from my art, that element of perseverance came into play.”

Dobson’s latest single “Recharge My Heart” was recently released in October 2022, with more new music to follow next year.

Fefe Dobson (Mathew Guido for Spoke Entertainment/Supplied)

“I’m finishing up my new album this year and I’m hoping to have a new album or EP out before the summer,” Dobson said. “I found some really talented Canadians to write and collaborate with and we’re almost done.

“Since my first album in 2003, the industry has really changed in many ways. I think there’s a lot more emphasis on those well-rounded, packaged influencers, and to some extent it’s less about the music and more about the excess content.

“I choose to find time to make music that I personally believe in, and I think that’s what has resonated with my audience and given me longevity in my career. I am very grateful for that.”

The ‘Ghosts’ and ‘FCKN IN LOVE’ singer is also looking forward to touring again and sharing her music with fans across the country.

Fefe Dobson (Mathew Guido for Spoke Entertainment/Supplied)

“The new album has rock, pop melodies and anthems. I really want people to be able to relate to the lyrics, but also have something to sing along with every mood. I’m less concerned about chasing the current pop sound and more about staying true to myself and giving my fans the album they’ve been waiting for.

“Being able to physically hear and see people and my live performances singing my music to me transforms that one moment in my life and turns it into our moment. Music is healing and transformative. Like I said, it saved my life and I’m sure the same can be said for a lot of people.”


Canadian music icon Fefe Dobson is ready for her next performance and new album

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