CBS News Suspends Tweets Companywide… Amid Twitter Uncertainty


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dated: 2022-11-19 20:17:02 .

CBS has started what could be a devastating ripple effect on Twitter… hitting the pause button indefinitely to post new tweets amid the uncertainty below Elon Muskguardianship.

The network’s news arm, CBS News, announced Friday that it will suspend all Twitter activity from its official accounts as it continues to monitor the matter. CBS News says it’s doing this out of caution and in light of all the turbulent updates.

CBS News’ decision was first announced Friday during the CBS Evening News Norah O’Donnell”, while his reporter Jonathan Vigliotti apparently announced the move on behalf of the entire company. CBS soon confirmed it.

Vigliotti reported rustling chaos at the Vogel app headquarters…where most of the staff was said to be recently discontinued, leaving Twitter as a bare-bones operation and in danger of shutting down entirely. That it hasn’t quite happened yetbut the fear is there.

The latest original tweet from CBS News links to a story about former WH Press Sec. Jens Psakia failed attempt to quash the subpoena she was embroiled in. The account also retweeted a TV post talking about the Justice Department’s new special prosecutor’s investigation trump. Both were posted almost 24 hours ago, and CBS News hasn’t tweeted anything new since then.

The same seems to be true for local partners. KPIX — CBS’s Bay Area news affiliate — also hasn’t tweeted since yesterday … and that policy appears to apply to most, if not all, CBS stations nationwide. It should be noted that he still publishes stories on his homepage.

The reason this is a big deal—assuming it continues over time—is that Twitter has become a place for news… not just for users, but for news organizations themselves. Many places rely on Twitter to spread news quickly, not to mention the traffic it records as one of the top social media sites and the massive reach it brings.

CBS News’ refusal to tweet is an important statement, and if it catches on with other major publishers … it could make Twitter even less relevant and cause a veritable mass exodus.

Meanwhile, Elon is silent enjoying with his by the people Trump’s Twitter poll …and put together a new code plan with all the remaining staff. Really good times.


CBS News Suspends Tweets Companywide… Amid Twitter Uncertainty

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