China Box Office: ‘The Last Frenzy’ Dominates Theaters Amid Slowing Trend

## China Box Office: ‘The Last Frenzy’ Maintains Dominance Amidst Slowing Momentum

May 26, 2024

Beijing, China – The comedy film “The Last Frenzy” has extended its reign at the top of the Chinese box office for the third consecutive weekend. However, the overall theatrical momentum in the country continues to slow down.

### ‘The Last Frenzy’ Surpasses $98 Million Mark

Despite a decline in earnings, “The Last Frenzy” remained the undisputed leader, grossing $5.8 million (RMB41.5 million) over the weekend. This brought its total domestic box office haul to $98 million (RMB696 million) since its release on May 1.

### ‘Twilight of the Warriors’ and ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ Hold Strong

“Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In,” a crime action film set in Hong Kong’s former Kowloon Walled City, maintained its position in second place with $4.9 million in revenue. Its cumulative earnings now stand at $86.2 million.

“Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes,” which briefly slipped to fourth place in its second weekend, regained third position with $2.8 million. The film has now amassed a total of $25.6 million since its May 10 debut in China.

### ‘Three Old Boys’ Debuts at No. 4

“Three Old Boys,” a crime action film starring Bao Bei’er, Han Geng, and Guo Tao, had the highest opening of the weekend. It earned $2.7 million (RMB19.0 million) on its first three days of release.

### ‘Hovering Blade’ Continues to Perform Well

iQiyi’s “Hovering Blade” remained in the top five, grossing $1.8 million over the weekend. The film, which adapts a novel by Japanese author Keigo Higashino, has now accumulated $10.9 million after ten days in theaters.

### Slowing Theatrical Momentum

While “The Last Frenzy” continues to perform well, the overall theatrical momentum in China has been slowing down in recent weeks. The lull between the May Day holiday and China’s summer season has contributed to the decline in attendance and earnings.

Year-to-date, China’s box office has surpassed the $3 billion mark, reaching $3.03 billion. However, this is still slightly below the comparable figure from 2023, indicating a slowdown in ticket sales.

### Outlook

With limited major releases on the horizon, it remains to be seen how long “The Last Frenzy” will be able to maintain its dominance at the box office. As China’s summer season approaches, it is expected that new titles and increased competition will bring renewed momentum to the theatrical market.