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Chris Williams, a renowned historian specializing in Wales and its radical traditions, passed away at the age of 61 from a heart attack.

Born in 1961, Williams dedicated his life to understanding and sharing the rich history of Wales. He held prestigious positions as Head of the School of History, Archaeology and Religion at Cardiff University and Head of Celtic Studies and Social Sciences at University College Cork.

Beyond his academic achievements, Williams authored numerous works on Welsh history, including his acclaimed book “Democratic Rhondda” (1996). His meticulous editing of the posthumous diaries of Welsh actor Richard Burton in 2012 showcased his commitment to preserving and contextualizing historical figures.

Williams was known for his meticulous scholarship, contextualizing historical events and figures by thoroughly explaining their backgrounds and influences. His work as an editor ensured that the diaries of Richard Burton provided a comprehensive understanding of the actor’s life, rather than simply sensationalizing his fame.

Williams’ passing leaves a void in the academic community and among those interested in Welsh history. His dedication to scholarship and his passion for illuminating the past will continue to inspire future generations of scholars.