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women speak Director Sarah Polley, stars Claire Foy and Ben Whishaw and two-time Oscar winner Dede Gardner spoke on Saturday about creating a safe space on set to explore trauma.

The four formed the panel for Saturday’s taping of Deadlines The Contenders Film: Los Angeles.

The film follows a group of women trapped in a cult-like religious community as they struggle to come together and find a way to survive while facing constant sexual assault from the men around them. Gardner described how Polley worked to protect the cast and crew while providing a safe arena to explore such serious issues.

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“We made a lot of decisions from the beginning,” she said. “We decided that we would only film on 10-hour days and that everyone would be at home and put their children to bed. We had a great therapist who talked to the cast and crew before and during filming and was available at all times. Whenever there were children on the set [Sarah] said, ‘As soon as one of you isn’t having a good time, raise your hand and we’ll stop and find out.’ There were just a lot of crash barriers, which felt very natural.”

Foy, who plays Salome, said the location was unprecedented in her experience. “We were very tactile and willing to go deep quickly,” she said. “We had great confidence. None of us could perform like this if we didn’t know that we are all there to support each other. … I’ve never done anything like that in my life and I hope every job is like that. And I know, very painfully, that it won’t be.”

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The film is already winning awards, and Polley will be named director of the year at the upcoming Palm Springs International Film Festival. The award became a sort of harbinger of the Oscars, and the last two winners were Jane Campion and Chloé Zhao.

women speak premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and is slated for a limited release in US theaters on December 2 via United Artists Releasing.

Come back Monday for the video panel.


Claire Foy on why ‘Women Talking’ set is unique – Contenders LA – Deadline

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