Climate progress being made in Maine

Climate progress being made in Maine



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In this article, you will get all the information regarding Climate progress being made in Maine

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Heritage industries in Maine — fishing, forestry, farming and tourism — are being damaged by climate change. Looking closely at nature one sees the changes: warming oceans with fewer fish, drought affecting forests and farming, ticks decimating our moose herds, and waning winters hurting the ski season.

Although this is scary there is some progress being made. Our state is leading the way toward a better future with Maine’s climate action plan. Gov. Janet Mills’ Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan includes investing $15 million to help install heat pumps and other energy efficiency improvements in public buildings.

Maine is the most heating oil dependent state in the country ( according to Mills) so these efforts will make a difference. For many people the most effective environmental change one can make is to move from heating with fossil fuels to a heat pump. Efficiency Maine gives rebates to help one do this and provides advice. With heating oil recently at $5 a gallon, this heat pump will pay back an investment soon and one will be protected from rising oil prices. Heat pumps also function as air conditioners, which might be life saving as the summers get hotter.

Climate progress being made in Maine

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