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Maine’s Unclaimed Pandemic Relief Checks: Over $19 Million Still Uncashed

Maine’s Unclaimed Pandemic Relief Checks: Over $19 Million Still Uncashed


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state of Maine distributed millions of dollars in economic relief checks to eligible residents. However, nearly two years later, a significant portion of these funds remain unclaimed, totaling over $19 million.

Reasons for Unclaimed Funds

  • Lack of Awareness: Some eligible individuals may not have been aware of the pandemic relief program or the deadline to claim their checks.
  • Mailing Errors: Checks may have been lost or misdirected during the mailing process, resulting in them never reaching their intended recipients.
  • Change of Address: Individuals who moved after the checks were mailed may not have received them at their new address.
  • Technical Issues: Some online portals for claiming checks may have experienced technical difficulties, preventing eligible individuals from accessing their funds.

How to Locate and Claim Unclaimed Funds

If you believe you are eligible for an unclaimed pandemic relief check, you can follow these steps to locate and claim it:

  1. Check Your Mail: If you have not yet received your check, check your physical mailbox for any unopened mail that may contain it.
  2. Visit the Maine Revenue Services Website: The Maine Revenue Services (MRS) website has a dedicated page for accessing unclaimed pandemic relief checks. You can search for your unclaimed funds using your Social Security number and other identifying information.
  3. Contact MRS: If you are unable to locate your unclaimed funds online, you can contact MRS by phone or mail. Contact information is available on the MRS website.

Importance of Claiming Funds

It is crucial to claim your unclaimed pandemic relief check if you are eligible. These funds can provide much-needed financial assistance, especially during these challenging economic times. The deadline to claim unclaimed checks varies depending on the program, so it is essential to act promptly.


The unclaimed pandemic relief checks in Maine represent a significant amount of financial assistance that can benefit eligible individuals and families. If you believe you may have an unclaimed check, it is recommended to take the necessary steps to locate and claim it as soon as possible.