Demi Moore’S Bold Style Statement: Cher’S Enduring Fashion Influence

## Demi Moore Hails Cher as Her ‘Style Icon’ at amfAR Gala

### Cher’s Enduring Influence on Moore’s Hair Inspiration

Demi Moore has publicly expressed her admiration for Cher’s iconic style, particularly her signature long, flowing hair. At the recent amfAR Gala during the Cannes Film Festival, Moore hosted the event and took the opportunity to introduce Cher, highlighting her profound influence on her own hair inspiration.

### Moore’s Introduction of Cher

As the host of the amfAR Gala, Moore introduced Cher with effusive praise, acknowledging her numerous accolades and her status as a style icon:

“This incredible woman that I’m about to introduce, she’s a Grammy winner and an Oscar winner. She’s a style icon and my personal hair inspiration. And she was honored by amfAR for their award of inspiration in 2015.”

### Moore’s Personal Hair Journey and Cher’s Impact

Moore also shared her personal hair journey, revealing that Cher’s long tresses have been a constant source of inspiration for her:

“I’ve done everything to my hair. I’ve shaved it. I’ve dyed it. I’ve had a bob. When I’m not working, I try to do as little to it as possible. If I don’t have anywhere to go, I don’t put heat on it—I just try to let it do its own thing. And I don’t wash it too often.”

### Cher’s Commitment to Her Signature Look

Cher has consistently maintained her iconic look, and she has previously expressed her unwavering commitment to her signature long, dark hair:

“[Going gray] is fine for other girls. I’m just not doing it!”

### Conclusion

Demi Moore’s admiration for Cher’s style and the inspiration she draws from her iconic hair is a testament to Cher’s enduring influence on the world of fashion and beauty. Cher’s commitment to her signature look has served as a source of empowerment and inspiration for countless individuals, including Moore herself.