Derek Underwood Obituary Obituary 2024

## Derek Underwood: Legendary Spin Bowler for England

Exceptional Left-Arm Spin

Derek Underwood, known as “Deadly,” was a renowned left-arm spin bowler who left an indelible mark on English cricket. His consistent accuracy and ability to exploit subtle variations in the pitch made him a formidable force.

Record-Breaking Test Wicket Taker

Underwood holds the record for the most Test wickets (297) by an English spin bowler. Standing sixth on England’s all-time list, he played during an era when pitches remained uncovered outside of play. This allowed him to master the art of exploiting “sticky dog” surfaces, creating conditions that favored his spin.

Master of Sticky Dogs

Underwood’s mastery of “sticky dog” pitches was evident in his remarkable consistency. He took five or more wickets in an innings 153 times, including 17 instances in Test matches. His ability to create spin and generate bounce on these challenging surfaces made him a terror to batsmen worldwide.

Career Highlights

Playing for both Kent and England, Underwood enjoyed a long and distinguished career. Some of his most notable achievements include:

* 297 Test wickets in 86 matches
* 1,793 first-class wickets in 485 matches
* 18 five-wicket hauls in Test matches
* 74 five-wicket hauls in first-class matches