Dinosaur-killing asteroid sparks months-long earthquake


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About 66 million years in the past, a 10-kilometer asteroid hit Earth, inflicting the extinction of the dinosaurs. The brand new proof means that the impression additionally triggered an earthquake so robust that it shook the planet for weeks and even months. Herman Bermudez, a fellow at Montclair State College and lead creator of a paper describing the months-long aftermath of the strike, will present her this Sunday, October 9, on the assembly of the Geological Society of America.

In 2014, whereas conducting discipline analysis on the Gorgonilla Island in Colombia, a scientist found a number of layers of sediments full of small glass beads as much as 1.1 mm in measurement, often called tektites and microtektites. They had been fashioned when the warmth and stress of the impression melted and dispersed the Earth’s crust, ejecting small molten droplets into the ambiance, which then fell again to the floor as glass below the pressure of gravity. Layers of mud and sandstone at a depth of 10-15 meters beneath sea degree have additionally undergone robust modifications.

The fractures and deformation of the rocks, in addition to the placement of the tektites, point out that the shaking continued for a number of weeks and even months earlier than the deposits reached the underside. Rocks uncovered on the coast of Gorgonilla Island additionally show this concept: about 3000 km southwest of the crash web site, sand, mud and small sea creatures have amassed on the ocean flooring. Proper above these deposits within the type of balls had been preserved fern spores. These are the primary vegetation to recuperate and develop after the impression.

Lately, scientists have confirmed that the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs led to a tsunami 4.5 km excessive. It, in flip, has handed all around the globe.

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Dinosaur-killing asteroid sparks months-long earthquake

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