Dive Into Measure V: Public Meeting Unlocks Insights

## Paradise’s Measure V Committee Approves 2024-25 Fiscal Year Expenditures

### Town of Paradise Allocates Funds for Essential Services

PARADISE, Calif. – The Measure V Citizen Oversight Committee of the Town of Paradise convened on Tuesday, [date], to approve budget allocations for the upcoming fiscal year. Measure V, a 0.5% sales tax implemented in 2021, provides additional revenue for the town to address critical equipment needs.

### Projected Revenue and Allocations

According to the meeting agenda, Measure V funding is estimated at $888,691 as of July 1, 2023. The committee projects an additional $1.4 million in revenue for the 2024-25 fiscal year, bringing the total to $2.28 million. The committee has recommended expenditures of approximately $1.68 million, leaving a surplus of $593,000.

### Allocation Highlights

The proposed budget allocations prioritize essential services, particularly in the following areas:

Animal Control:

– $655,000 for shelter expansion, operations, and an animal control truck

Paradise Police Department:

– $373,100 for two new vehicles, training programs, a new hire initiative, a generator transfer switch, and additional operational supplies

Public Works:

– $350,000 for a new dump truck, pickup truck, and vehicle modernization expenses

Fire Department:

– $317,500 to maintain staffing contracts and improve Fire Station 82

### Committee Meeting

The Citizen Oversight Committee met at 5555 Skyway in Paradise at 4 p.m. on Tuesday. In addition to approving budget allocations, the committee also reviewed minutes from their previous meeting held in April.

### Future Actions

The budget allocations approved by the Measure V Citizen Oversight Committee will now be submitted to the Paradise Town Council for final approval. The council is expected to consider the budget proposal during their upcoming meeting.