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Does Rafe Die in ‘Outer Banks’?



In this article, you will get detail regarding Does Rafe Die in ‘Outer Banks’?

Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey)

Source: Netflix

Katherine Stinson - Author

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Outer Banks The third season begins Netflix.

If someone is inside desperate A therapist is needed for a hit Netflix series Outer Banks, it’s Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey). To write him off as a villain would be to misunderstand his own trauma inflicted on him by his father, Ward (Charles Esten).

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Okay, Rafe was downright mean at times Outer Banks Seasons 1-3, but did the consequences of his actions ultimately lead to his death?

Is Rafe dying Outer Banks Season 3, or he’ll have a chance to redeem himself Outer Banks Season 4? Read on for the answers.

Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey)
Source: Netflix

The entire Cameron family is in desperate need of a good therapist.

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Is Rafe dying in the ‘Outer Banks’? (SPOILERS)

Rafe doesn’t die inside Outer Banks Season 3, but another part of his soul works after his father Ward is killed. Ward was actually the worst and certainly didn’t win any “Father of the Year” awards, so ironically, he redeemed himself with his death.

Ward dies saving his daughter Sarah. He takes multiple bullet wounds and falls off a cliff (there’s no coming back from that, buddy.) Rafe’s dad tries to steal El Dorado’s gold for himself, but in the end, his love for his daughter overrides his selfish desires. He doesn’t hesitate when Sara’s life is in danger. He smiles at his daughter and leads her would-be killer down the cliff with him.

Rafe survives, but at what cost?

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Ultimately, Rafe asked the Pogues to keep Ward safe, and even though it was Ward’s decision to sacrifice himself, the Pogues failed Rafe with their one and only request.

To make matters worse, Rafe and Ward finally made up somewhat before Ward’s untimely death, which will likely fuel Rafe’s anger even more.

So maybe Rafe didn’t die physically in Outer Banks Season 3, but a part of him dies the moment Ward decides to sacrifice himself to save Rafe’s sister Sara, the one person Rafe always felt his father valued more than him.

Rafe may be alive, but the Pogues are now in danger. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens when Outer Banks returns for season 4! You can stream Outer Banks Season 3, now on Netflix.


Does Rafe Die in ‘Outer Banks’?

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