“Emmy-Winning ‘The Good Wife’ Reimagined In Arabic With Hend Sabri On Mbc’S Shahid”

## MBC’s Shahid Streamer Unveils Arabic Adaptation of “The Good Wife” Starring Hend Sabri

### Adaptation Tailored to Arabic Context, Set to Launch on June 2

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – May 27, 2024 – Leading Middle East media conglomerate MBC Group has secured the rights to adapt the internationally acclaimed series “The Good Wife” into an Arabic language production. The upcoming adaptation, titled “Moftaraq Toroq,” will premiere exclusively on MBC’s premium streaming platform Shahid on June 2.

Hend Sabri Headlines Stellar Cast

Tunisian-Egyptian actress Hend Sabri, known for her captivating performance in the Netflix original series “Finding Ola,” has been cast in the lead role of Amira. The adaptation will focus on Amira’s journey as she navigates the challenges of her husband’s public scandal and her return to the legal profession after 15 years of being a devoted wife and mother.

High-End Adaptation with A-List Cast

Produced by Dubai-based Charisma Group and licensed by Paramount Global Content Distribution, “Moftaraq Toroq” is hailed by MBC as a “ground-breaking milestone” in Egyptian long-form television. The series boasts a renowned cast, including Eyad Nassar, Majed Al Masri, Joumana Murad, Noha Abdeen, Huda Al Mufti, Ali Al Tayyeb, Laila Ezz-Alarab, and Mahmoud Al Tayeb.

Cultural Sensitivity and Relevance

While the original “The Good Wife” series revolves around a political sex scandal that sends the protagonist’s husband to jail, the Arabic adaptation has been carefully adapted to resonate with the cultural context of Egypt. The synopsis states that Amira’s husband faces an unspecified scandal that threatens his unspecified public position, highlighting the localization efforts made by the production team.

International Format Success Expands to Arabic World

“The Good Wife” has enjoyed immense popularity worldwide, with its original CBS series garnering numerous Emmy Awards. The format has proven adaptable to local contexts, as demonstrated by the successful Indian adaptation “The Trial” launched on Disney+ Hotstar last year.

MBC’s Commitment to Local Content

Tareq Al Ibrahim, Director of MBC1, MBC Drama, and SVOD Content at MBC GROUP, expressed the network’s pride in launching “Moftaraq Toroq.” He emphasized the adaptation’s high quality and potential to set a new standard for Egyptian long-form series.

Roxanne Pompa, VP of International Formats at Paramount Global Content Distribution, praised the Arabic adaptation’s seamless integration of the storyline and characters into the local landscape and culture.

Technical Details

“Moftaraq Toroq” is written by Sherif Badreddine and Wael Hamdy and directed by Ahmad Khaled Moussa and Mohamad Yehya.