Farah Khan’S Stealthy Revenge: Unmasking The Director’S Craft

Farah Khan’s Unique Approach to Revenge

In a recent appearance on “The Great Indian Kapil Show” on Netflix, Bollywood director Farah Khan delved into her unconventional methods of dealing with those who wrong her.

The Curse Technique

Farah Khan revealed that while she may not actively seek revenge, she harbors negative feelings toward those who have harmed her. She harbors these negative sentiments deep within her and believes that her curses eventually manifest.

“I don’t exactly take revenge,” Khan explained. “I look at them in a certain manner and my curses materialise.”

She elaborated that her curses take the form of wishes for the downfall of her wrongdoers, particularly in their professional endeavors.

“If someone does something really bad, I wholeheartedly curse them, ‘May your next 3–4 films fail at the box office’,” Khan said.

The Anil Kapoor Incident

Khan also recalled a humorous anecdote involving actor Anil Kapoor. When director-duo Abbas-Mustan approached Kapoor with an offer to play the on-screen father of his real-life daughter, Sonam Kapoor, he famously declined. Kapoor’s reason was his desire to maintain his youthful image.

“What nonsense? How can I be Sonam’s father?” Kapoor had exclaimed.

Khan’s witty response to Kapoor’s reluctance was, “So, those whose films are flops, now you understand why.”

Professionalism and Forgiveness

Despite her unique approach to revenge, Khan emphasized that she maintains a professional demeanor and does not allow her personal feelings to interfere with her work. She acknowledged that forgiveness is also an important aspect of life.

“I don’t believe in carrying grudges for long periods,” Khan said. “Life is too short for that. I try to forgive and move on.”

In conclusion, Farah Khan’s approach to revenge is a blend of humor, superstition, and professionalism. Her candidness about her negative feelings and her reliance on curses offer a unique perspective on the complexities of human nature.