Free Mdcat & Ecat Prep: Unlock Your Medical And Engineering Dreams

## Punjab Government Unveils Free ECAT and MDCAT Preparation Scheme for 2024

Lahore, Pakistan: To empower aspiring medical and engineering professionals, the Punjab government, led by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, has launched a groundbreaking initiative offering free preparation for the highly competitive ECAT and MDCAT entrance exams. This scheme reflects the government’s commitment to providing equal opportunities and nurturing the talent of its students.

Comprehensive Support for Academic Excellence

Through this comprehensive program, the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) has selected 90 government colleges across the province to provide free study materials and expert guidance to students preparing for ECAT (Engineering Colleges Admission Test) and MDCAT (Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test).

The scheme includes the provision of:

* Study materials: Comprehensive textbooks and practice papers
* Expert instruction: Experienced professors with a deep understanding of the exam topics
* Structured curriculum: A well-rounded syllabus designed to cover all essential concepts

Eligibility and Application Process

Aspiring students are encouraged to visit their respective colleges to obtain application forms and register for the free preparation scheme. The eligibility criteria and application deadlines are as follows:


* Pakistani nationality
* Domiciled in Punjab
* Pursuing or have completed FA/FSc (Pre-Medical/Pre-Engineering)/ICS Part 1

Application Deadline:

* 15th June 2024

Application Documents:

* Completed application form
* Four passport-size photographs
* CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number
* Domicile certificate
* Certificate of FA/FSc/ICS Part 1

Scheme Implementation

The PHEC has allocated a substantial budget of 4.5 crore Pakistani rupees to ensure the smooth implementation of the free preparation scheme. Each college designated as a preparation center will employ five subject-specialist trainers, who will receive a stipend of PKR 100,000 for their 10-week service.

Benefits for Students

This free preparation scheme offers numerous benefits to students preparing for ECAT and MDCAT exams:

* Access to high-quality study materials and expert guidance
* Opportunity to strengthen their conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills
* Improved chances of success in the entrance exams
* Financial relief for students from underprivileged backgrounds who may not otherwise have access to comprehensive preparation resources

Commitment to Educational Advancement

The Punjab government’s free ECAT and MDCAT preparation scheme is a testament to its commitment to providing quality education and promoting academic excellence. By investing in the future of its students, Punjab aims to build a robust medical and engineering workforce that will contribute to the province’s and the nation’s progress.