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dated: 2022-11-20 09:08:19 .

Victims of fraud living in Gloucestershire must be compensated

Victims of mail fraud will receive compensation after action is taken against the fraudsters.

A total of 41 people from Gloucestershire lost money to an international mass marketing scam based in Kansas, United States.

Actions were taken against the offenders to confiscate the cash and assets, and almost £8,000 can now be recovered.

The mail was sent to vulnerable people, including those living alone or those with long-term health conditions.

Victims were asked to pay a fee of between £25 and £40 up front for “guaranteed” cash prizes, before later realizing there were no prizes up for grabs.

Some paid the fee more than once and there were a total of 3,500 victims across the UK.

One person was defrauded of nearly £2,000.

Checks totaling £535 have been returned to three people in Gloucestershire after their payments were intercepted before they reached the US.

A disturbing experience

A four-year investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission and National Trading Standards revealed that the source of the emails was a Kansas-based criminal enterprise that targeted homes in the UK with fake emails.

Gloucestershire County Council’s trading standards unit said it can now recover money stolen from fraudsters.

Councilor Dave Norman, cabinet member for trading standards, said: “Being a victim of fraud is a harrowing experience so I’m delighted that the proceeds of these fraudsters’ crimes can be used to compensate people in Gloucestershire.

“The investigation shows that no matter where the fraudsters are, we will work with our partners to ensure they are caught.”

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Gloucestershire US cashback scam victim

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