GRIDLOCK SAM: Avoid traffic on Escape Day and Thanksgiving


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Sunday 20.11.- Saturday 26.11


A thoroughly satisfied Thanksgiving and welcome to the busiest travel week of the 12 months! Every major day, like the annual holiday, must be slow, with the heaviest visitors to the getaway spots on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect day by day:

Tuesday, November 22: Sleeper Gridlock Alert Day connects major roads within the metropolis. Airport gridlock, making Van Wyck, Belt Parkway, GCP, BQE and NJ Turnpike extra sluggish.

Wednesday, November 23: The official lockdown alert day and perhaps the day with the highest number of visitors in 12 months. A day of layover at the airport as it should be. Balloon inflation for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade closes much of Central Park West from 1:00 pm until approximately 1:00 pm Thursday

Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 24: The best time to drive is before noon and between 5 and 7 pm (when others are having dinner). The best time to fly is in the morning. The parade starts at 9 am. Vehicles will slide south down Central Park West from 77th Street, turn onto Central Park South (59th Street), then onto Sixth Avenue, ending at Thirty-fourth Street between Sixth Ave. and seventh avenue. completion by noon.

Friday, November 25: Black Friday is the most important day for parking fines! The biggest buying day in 12 months, but more than the day when the most calls were probably issued. This is as a result of many individuals mistakenly assuming that it is a holiday and parking guidelines have been suspended. Ticket brokers are sometimes not very happy to work and can’t wait to sell tickets.

Saturday, November 26: Higher day for driving and flying.


Collect Gridlock Sam,

Which can be one of the best ways to use Park Ave. when the tunnel reopens?


Dear Kristina,

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an underground model of the Highline? However, it is not within the playing cards. What is feasible is to restore the attractive parks that adorned the avenue a century ago. Consider the Ramblas in Barcelona, ​​but even wider and greener with serpentines and benches. NY lost it in the late twenties. There is an amazing guide that can present you with that and more than what was destroyed in Nathan Silver’s Misplaced New York, first published in 1967.

The city is currently planning to revive an inexperienced house a few blocks north of Grand Central. I’d like to do the same with the rest of the department stores (which extend north to 97th Street), along with a short stretch south of Grand Central Terminal, with car patrons diverted into the tunnel.

Gridlock Sam

GRIDLOCK SAM: Avoid traffic on Escape Day and Thanksgiving

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