Hot weather and cool ‘shots’ expected in Canada this August

Hot weather and cool ‘shots’ expected in Canada this August


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Most of Canada is expected to see very warm weather in August, punctuated by periods of cooler-than-normal temperatures, The Weather Network projects.

A report released on Monday from Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham says near-normal or above-normal temperatures are expected for the month, although cooler temperatures are “waiting in the wings across much of Northern Canada.”

“There will be some significant breaks from the heat and even the potential for quick shots of cooler weather that would bring a hint of the next season to come,” the report says.

Many areas in Canada saw either near or above-normal temperatures in July, with most of Northern Canada “exceptionally warm” and eastern Newfoundland “very warm,” The Weather Network says, although not at the same level as the dangerous heat waves experienced in British Columbia last summer.

Even then, senior climatologist for Environment Canada Dave Phillips told CTV News Channel on July 18 that “the warmest part of the summer is yet to come,” with both July and August being “warmer than normal.”

The Weather Network report says hot weather is expected to “dominate from the southern Prairies to Atlantic Canada” in August, with a colder pattern developing across most of Northern Canada, which could push south and “break up” the heat across the southern parts of the country.

The hottest weather should begin to shift west in the second week of August, resulting in nearly seasonal temperatures across Atlantic Canada and a few “shots” of cooler weather.

Ontario and Quebec could see an extended break from the heat in mid-August lasting between five and 10 days before the hot weather returns in late August and into September, The Weather Network says.

B.C. is expected to return to a “cooler pattern,” the report says, with periods of warmer weather expected in mid- to late August, though not as high as what the province saw in the last week of July.

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Hot weather and cool ‘shots’ expected in Canada this August

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