Housing for people: The City Council must approve the QNS Innovation


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On 5 quiet blocks in Astoria, the developer wants to build 2,845 new housing units, 1,400 of which are affordable – and 500 of which are set aside for people whose incomes start at $28,020 (or $40,020 for a family of four).

As the Metropolis Council’s zoning subcommittee confirmed when it approved, 7-0, the Innovation QNS growth Thursday, it’s progressivism incarnate: places for New Yorkers to live, half of them sponsored to be and remain accessible to individuals of limited means.

Councilor Julie Gained, who represents the kingdom, has already received some concessions and everyone has the right to try to get more, primarily at public expense. Eventually, she’ll be able to vote against it if the developer doesn’t side with her enough. However, she was terribly demagogic when she falsely called an earlier iteration of the challenge “luxury growth that has the potential to crowd out many native working-class immigrant households.”

Bringing residences down to lower and lower income ranges or increasing the variety of reasonably priced items to Gained’s goal of 55% cash price: subsidy from both investors or the federal government. Every challenge and developer has its own level of financial crushing. Taxpayers have theirs.

If moving the gate requires some sort of consequence in potential developers leaving, Queens would have what the area is currently intended for: warehouses or truck depots. That’s what Harlem will get after the council scrapped the One45 housing development as a tribute to Native consultant Kristin Richardson Jordan.

With Speaker Adrienne Adams being the main way, a growing number of progressives on the Council seem to understand this. Tiffany Cabán endorsed Hallets North, a 1,300-unit challenge in Astoria. Marjorie Velázquez eventually agreed to a 349-unit growth on Bruckner Blvd.

QNS innovation was good for Queens yesterday and is good for Queens at this time. Whether Gained is included or not, the Land Use Committee and the full Metropolis Council would need to approve it. If New York has a housing disaster, which the individuals we elect say it’s likely to get, we’d start showing up more.

Housing for people: The City Council must approve the QNS Innovation

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