Houston crime: Arrested after woman’s body was smashed in robbery

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Police said Nhung Truong was seriously injured and was unconscious for some time after the robbery.

Houston — Two people were arrested after the incident. Woman was tracked and beaten out of bank last month Houston police said it was because a man tried to take her money.

Joseph Harrell, 17, and Ginika Ayesha Woods, 19, have been charged with aggravated robbery with serious injuries, Houston Police Department Detective Tyrus Fontenot announced Friday. He said he was charged with aggravated assault in

what happened

The day before Valentine’s Day, Nhung Truong went to Bank of America to cash in for an upcoming trip. After leaving her bank, she headed to the shopping center. Bellaire Boulevard, just inside Beltway 8 She was allegedly followed by Harrell and Woods.

Fontenot said Truong was walking in front of a shopping center when Harrell got out of the car Woods was driving and quarreled with Torng for her purse.

After all of her belongings fell to the ground, Fontenot said that Harel picked up what he thought was money and started running away, but when he realized he had no money, he returned to Torng and told her picked up and hit her to the ground.

He then grabbed an envelope containing the money and ran to the getaway car that Woods was driving, Fonteno said.

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The entire incident was captured on surveillance cameras.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said, “Actually, when I saw it, it really pissed me off.”

Troung was badly injured in a body slam. Fontenot said he was unconscious for some time before being taken to hospital.

Fontenot said the moment the Houston Police Department was notified of what had happened, detectives immediately launched an investigation. Fontenault said that was the key to solving this crime.


With the help of surveillance cameras, the police were able to obtain the license plate of Harrell and Woods’ car, later learning that Woods was the driver.

Fontenot said she matched the description of the woman seen on the surveillance video.

She was eventually detained for a traffic violation and interviewed by investigators. Fontenault confessed that she took part in the robbery and that Harrell was also involved.

After confirming that Harrell was the other person involved in the robbery, investigators later found him and arrested him on a warrant for another aggravated assault case. Fontenot said he also confessed to what he had done.

Both Harrell and Woods were arrested and charged with aggravated burglary with serious injuries.

Check out the latest updates from HPD in the video below.

long road to recovery

Truong, 44, is a mother of three from Vietnam.

She was so badly injured during the robbery that she lost feeling in her left leg nearly a month later. To this day she is still unable to walk.

“They don’t know when my legs will be able to walk again,” Truong said through her daughter.

Truong is currently in a wheelchair and unable to go to the toilet on her own. He is also in rehab so he can walk.

“Practice, try walking,” Chuong said.

Troung is relieved that the suspects have been arrested and hopes they change for the better, but also fears reprisals should they be released from prison.

Truong’s family go fund me to help with her medical bills.

Houston crime: Arrested after woman’s body was smashed in robbery

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