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Joe Zucchero, the man who founded the Mr. Beef sandwich business in Chicago and who passed away last week at the age of 69, was a fan favorite. The reason for their passing was not disclosed.

The popular television sitcom “The Bear” based its eatery on Zucchero’s Italian beef stand, which has been in business for the past 43 years. It has also played a role in the endless arguments that have taken place in the Windy City on whose eatery serves the greatest Italian beef sandwich.

In the same way that locals will engage in spirited debates about which professional sports team is superior, the Chicago Cubs or the Chicago White Sox, or whether Pizzeria Uno serves a better pie than Lou Malnatti’s or Pequod’s, they will frequently argue about whether Mr. Beef is superior to Al’s #1 Italian Beef, or vice versa.

How did Joe Zucchero die?  Founder of Mr. Beef Cause of death and Obituary

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In 1979, Mr. Beef was established by Zucchero and his brother Dominic in the River North district of Chicago. Although it would ultimately become one of the most popular eating districts in the city, at the time it was not even close to being considered a desirable location, particularly for visitors.

Like deep-dish pizza, brats, or a hotdog topped with sport peppers, Italian beef is a meal that is uniquely associated with the city of Chicago. A cheesesteak from Philadelphia or a French dip sandwich from Los Angeles both feature beef that has been sliced ​​very thinly. A sandwich, on the other hand, is made up of thinly sliced ​​beef. Fans will typically ask for their sandwich to be “wet,” or dipped in au jus, while placing their order.

How did Joe Zucchero die?

On Wednesday of the previous week, Zucchero died under mysterious circumstances. He was 69. Twenty years of his life were spent fighting the disease.

His son, Chris Zucchero, sent the following message on Instagram: “part of myself, my family, and Mr. Beef perished tonight.” Being born into this man’s family was an incredible blessing for me. I am aware of this. The vast majority of children never even met their fathers. I spent all of my waking hours with him in some way over the entirety of my existence. If there is a heaven, I want to see you there, Dad. You deserve it. And I really do hope that we have the chance to meet up again.”

The reason for the death

The iconic Italian beef market known as Mr. Beef, which has been a River North institution for more than four decades and served as the jumping off point for the television show The Bear, has seen its creator pass away. Joe Zucchero lost his battle with non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s on March 1, 2019, at the Rush Medical Center in Chicago. He had been fighting the disease for more than twenty years. He was 69.

According to their family, while he wasn’t making some of the most popular Italian beef sandwiches in Chicago, he enjoyed collecting vintage movie posters, bobbleheads, and antiques.

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How did Joe Zucchero die? – MACG Magazine

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