How Did Madara Get Rinnegan If He Used Izanagi?

How Did Madara Get Rinnegan If He Used Izanagi?

Madara Uchiha, one of the most formidable villains in the Naruto series, achieved the legendary Rinnegan through a series of significant events. To awaken the Rinnegan, the combined chakra of Indra and Asura is required. In pursuit of this power, Madara took a drastic step during his battle against Hashirama Senju.

Before being defeated and killed by Hashirama, Madara bit off a piece of Hashirama’s flesh. Later, using the forbidden technique known as Izanagi, he returned to life and surgically implanted the flesh into his own body. This act set the stage for his eventual awakening of the Rinnegan.

Throughout his life, Madara proved to be a force to be reckoned with. His immense power and skill allowed him to engage in prolonged battles against the first Hokage, showcasing his formidable abilities. As an Uchiha, Madara possessed the Sharingan, and through various circumstances, he unlocked both the Mangekyo Sharingan and the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

However, it was during the twilight of his life that Madara achieved the ultimate evolution of his ocular power—the Rinnegan. The exact process and circumstances surrounding his awakening of the Rinnegan are shrouded in mystery and intrigue, which further adds to the enigmatic nature of his character.

But Madara’s connection to the Rinnegan doesn’t end there. He played a significant role in the fate of Nagato, a young boy who would later become known as Pain. Madara entrusted Nagato with his own Rinnegan, granting him immense power and shaping the path of his destiny.

As for Obito Uchiha, another pivotal character in the Naruto series, the acquisition of the Rinnegan is intertwined with his complex story. To delve into the details of how Obito obtained the Rinnegan and the circumstances surrounding it, a deeper exploration of his journey and connection to Madara is necessary.

How Did Madara Get Rinnegan?

Madara Uchiha, one of the most influential figures in the Naruto series, obtained the legendary Rinnegan through a series of unique circumstances and his own strategic planning.

To awaken the Rinnegan, a combination of Indra and Asura’s chakra is required. Madara, driven by his desire for power, sought to acquire the Rinnegan as the pinnacle of his ocular abilities. In his final battle against Hashirama Senju, his long-time rival, Madara orchestrated a plan to achieve this goal.

Before being defeated by Hashirama, Madara bit off a piece of his flesh, containing Senju DNA, which carried the potential for the Rinnegan. With his own mortality looming, Madara utilized the forbidden technique known as Izanagi to cheat death and return to the world of the living.

During his revived state, Madara underwent a surgical procedure, implanting Hashirama’s flesh into his own body. This act effectively integrated Senju DNA into his being, leading to the awakening of the Rinnegan.

The combination of Hashirama’s cells and Madara’s own Uchiha lineage triggered a transformation within his eyes, granting him the coveted power of the Rinnegan. With this newfound ocular ability, Madara’s strength and influence reached unprecedented levels.

It is important to note that the process of obtaining the Rinnegan is an arduous and complex one. It requires not only the necessary genetic components but also a deep understanding and mastery of chakra manipulation. Madara’s knowledge, cunning, and relentless pursuit of power were key factors in his successful acquisition of the Rinnegan.

With the Rinnegan in his possession, Madara became an overwhelmingly formidable force in the Naruto universe. His utilization of this ancient and powerful dojutsu played a significant role in shaping the course of the story and the destiny of the shinobi world.

How Did Madara Get the Rinnegan in the War?

During the tumultuous events of the 4th Great Ninja War, Madara Uchiha’s path to acquiring the Rinnegan unfolded in a complex manner. With Zetsu’s assistance, Madara obtained one of his Rinnegan eyes, which was originally taken from Nagato’s lifeless body by Obito.

As fate would have it, Obito proceeded to implant this Rinnegan in his left eye, reserving the other for Madara. However, after Madara was resurrected through the Rinne Rebirth Jutsu, Zetsu simply delivered the second Rinnegan to him, completing his transformation into a dual wielder of the legendary ocular power.

Capitalizing on Obito’s possession of a Rinnegan, Madara made his way to confront his former ally following his escape from the sealing Jutsu unleashed by Naruto and Sasuke. By utilizing Kakashi’s Sharingan and exploiting the power of Kamui, Madara successfully retrieved the remaining Rinnegan from Obito, cementing his unmatched dominance.

With both Rinnegan eyes under his control, Madara ascended to unprecedented levels of strength and authority, solidifying his position as an indomitable force in the shinobi world. His possession of this ultimate ocular power became a defining factor in his legendary status.


Why Did Madara Get Both Rinnegan?

After his intense battle with Hashirama utilizing the forbidden technique Izanagi, Madara found himself with only one functioning eye upon his resurrection. Typically, the price for using this powerful technique is the sacrifice of one’s eyesight, leaving the user blind in one eye.

However, in a twist of fate, Madara discovered that the Rinnegan possessed a unique ability—it could restore and even enhance one’s eyesight. Realizing this, Madara sought to regain his lost vision and achieve the ultimate power by obtaining the Zetsu.

By acquiring the Rinnegan in both eyes, Madara not only regained his eyesight but also unleashed the full potential of the legendary ocular power. This granted him unrivaled abilities and elevated him to an unparalleled level of strength, solidifying his status as one of the most formidable beings in the shinobi world.

In essence, the Rinnegan’s extraordinary ability to restore vision became the catalyst for Madara’s possession of both eyes, further fueling his unstoppable ambition and dominance over the ninja realm.

How Did Edo Tensei Madara Have Rinnegan?

Edo Tensei Madara possessed the Rinnegan due to a specific set of circumstances. Before his death, Madara had awakened the Rinnegan naturally, unlocking its immense power. However, he chose to implant his eyes into Nagato, a young Uzumaki clan member, believing that Nagato’s potential would be better suited to utilize the Rinnegan.

When Madara was later resurrected through the Edo Tensei technique, his body was reconstructed exactly as it was at the time of his death, including his eyes. As a result, Edo Tensei Madara retained the Rinnegan in his reanimated form.

The Edo Tensei technique allows for the revival of deceased individuals, essentially bringing them back to life as immortal entities. While they retain their memories, abilities, and physical attributes, Edo Tensei individuals are still bound by certain limitations imposed by the summoning technique.

In Madara’s case, his reanimated state granted him the use of his original Rinnegan, enabling him to wield its tremendous power once again. This further intensified his already formidable presence and made him a formidable adversary during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Why Did Madara’s Rinnegan Disappear?

Madara’s Rinnegan disappeared after his resurrection through the Edo Tensei technique. When a person is brought back to life using Edo Tensei, they are bound by certain limitations imposed by the summoning jutsu. One of these limitations is that any special eye abilities, such as the Rinnegan, Sharingan, or Byakugan, are temporary and will eventually fade away.

  • The Edo Tensei technique maintains the appearance and abilities of the resurrected individual as they were at the time of their death. However, over time, the technique weakens and the individual’s body begins to deteriorate. As the Edo Tensei jutsu loses its hold, the special eye abilities, including the Rinnegan, gradually vanish.
  • This is why Madara’s Rinnegan disappeared after his resurrection. It was a temporary manifestation granted by the Edo Tensei technique, and as the jutsu waned, so did his Rinnegan. Nonetheless, during his time as an Edo Tensei, Madara made strategic use of his powerful Rinnegan abilities to leave a lasting impact on the course of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

How Did Madara Implant the Rinnegan in Nagato?

To achieve his goal, Madara entrusted Zetsu with the task of implanting his Rinnegan in Nagato. Knowing that Nagato possessed the bloodline of the Uzumaki and Senju clans, Madara saw him as a fitting candidate to carry his Rinnegan. Zetsu, who possessed the ability to merge with others, facilitated the implantation process.

With Zetsu’s assistance, the Rinnegan was successfully transplanted into Nagato’s eyes. This granted Nagato access to the incredible power and abilities associated with the Rinnegan. Unbeknownst to Nagato, the eyes he possessed were originally Madara’s, allowing Madara to indirectly influence events from behind the scenes.

Through Nagato’s use of the Rinnegan, Madara’s plans were set into motion, as Nagato became the leader of Akatsuki and carried out Madara’s ambitions. Though Madara himself did not directly implant the Rinnegan in Nagato, he orchestrated the circumstances that led to Nagato acquiring the powerful eyes.

Why Did Madara Give Nagato the Rinnegan?

In his advanced age, Madara sought a successor to carry on his legacy and fulfill his plans. Knowing that the Rinnegan held the key to his resurrection through the Rinne Rebirth Jutsu, Madara made the decision to pass on his powerful eyes to someone who could be manipulated into carrying out his desires.

Nagato, a young and impressionable child with immense potential, became the chosen recipient of Madara’s Rinnegan. By bestowing the Rinnegan upon Nagato, Madara hoped to groom him as a vessel capable of performing the forbidden technique and ultimately bringing Madara back to life.

Through the Rinnegan, Nagato gained extraordinary powers, and Madara’s influence extended beyond his own physical limitations. By entrusting Nagato with the Rinnegan, Madara laid the foundation for his grand resurrection plan, with Nagato serving as a vital piece in his intricate scheme.


The Rinnegan, a legendary ocular ability of immense power, has always been shrouded in mystery and the stuff of legends. It is believed to be a power exclusive to the mythical Sage of the Six Paths.

Among the select few who have managed to unlock the Rinnegan, Madara stands out as a prominent figure. The path to attaining such extraordinary power requires the fusion of Asura and Indra’s chakra.

Being the reincarnation of Indra himself, Madara’s encounter with Hashirama, who embodied Asura’s spirit, proved to be a pivotal moment. By implanting Hashirama’s cells into his own body, Madara set the stage for the awakening of the Rinnegan, albeit later in his advanced years. This convergence of ancestral chakra and the unique circumstances surrounding Madara allowed the legendary power of the Rinnegan to manifest within him.

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