How did Obito Survive? Detailed Answer is Here

How did Obito Survive? Detailed Answer is Here

Obito is one of the most influential characters in the entire Naruto universe , Obito was left half-dead under the boulder after the fight against the Hidden Mist and Hidden Rock ninjas. But Madara, who was alive at the time, happened to be passing by and saw Obito’s predicament. Madara realized that Obito was an Uchiha and decided to take him under his wing. He then used his medical skills to save Obito’s life and began manipulating him to carry out his own twisted plans.

Madara implanted Zetsu’s body into Obito to replace the parts that were irreparably damaged in the rock slide. This gave Obito the ability to use Zetsu’s abilities, such as his camouflage technique, as well as his own Sharingan and Mangekyo Sharingan. This was the beginning of Obito’s transformation into the villainous character we know him as.

In short, Obito survived the boulder incident thanks to Madara’s intervention and manipulation. This was all part of Madara’s grand scheme to use Obito as a pawn in his own plans for world domination.

How Did Obito Survive? 

Obito survived the incident at the Kannabi Bridge during the Third Great Ninja War due to the intervention of Madara Uchiha. Obito was badly injured and trapped under a boulder, and Madara appeared to save him. Madara then convinced Obito to embrace his darkness and join him in his plan for world domination.

Madara used his advanced medical ninjutsu and Zetsu’s body to heal Obito’s injuries and implant him with Hashirama’s cells, giving him enhanced abilities. This was all part of Madara’s plan to use Obito as a pawn to carry out his ultimate goal of achieving the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Rin Got Kidnapped By The Hidden Rock Ninjas

During the Third Great Ninja War, Rin Nohara was kidnapped by the Hidden Rock Ninjas. The reason behind this kidnapping was to use Rin as a human weapon by implanting the Three-Tails beast inside her. However, the mission was failed as Rin committed suicide to prevent the beast from being unleashed on her village. It was Obito who witnessed Rin’s death and ultimately led him to the dark side.

Obito And Kakashi Rescue Rin

Kakashi and Obito’s rescue mission for Rin is one of the most pivotal moments in the Naruto series. It led to Kakashi losing his eye and Obito awakening his Sharingan. However, tragedy struck when they were trying to escape. One of the enemies used a jutsu that caused the entire cave to collapse. Obito, while trying to save Kakashi, got crushed by a boulder. Their team had no other option but to leave him behind, thinking that he was dead.

This event marked the beginning of Obito’s dark path towards becoming a villain and eventually becoming known as Tobi, the masked man behind the Akatsuki.

Madara Saved Obito Using Zetsu

Madara Uchiha played a significant role in Obito’s survival. He not only saved Obito but also had planned the entire incident using Zetsu. Madara’s ultimate goal was to use Obito to perform the Rinne Rebirth jutsu, which would bring him back to life and help him execute Project Tsuki no me.

This was a part of Madara’s larger scheme to achieve ultimate power and control over the world. Thanks to Madara’s intervention and his strategic planning, Obito was saved and went on to become a major player in the Fourth Great Ninja War.


Who Saved Obito From Dying?


Obito’s life was saved not once, but three times by different individuals. During the 3rd Great Ninja War, Madara saved Obito from being crushed under a boulder. Later on, after performing the Rinne Rebirth jutsu, Black Zetsu saved Obito from dying by staying with him. Finally, Naruto used the Six Paths’ Yang power to save Obito while they were still in the Lava Dimension. These three moments played crucial roles in Obito’s survival throughout the Naruto series.

How Did Obito Survive Ten Tails Extraction?

Obito’s survival after the extraction of all the tailed beasts from him was due to the presence of the Gedo Statue inside him. This kept him alive even though he should have died right away.

With Madara summoning the Gedo Statue, Obito’s death was imminent. However, the Hashirama cells in him delayed his death by a few minutes.

Then, Black Zetsu took control of Obito’s body and performed the Rinne Rebirth Jutsu, which is a jutsu that kills the caster. But since Black Zetsu was attached to Obito’s body, he was saved from dying. Later, Naruto saved Obito by using the Six Paths Yang release.

How Did Obito Survive Without A Heart?

Obito was able to survive without a heart thanks to the unique properties of Hashirama cells. After Madara extracted Obito’s heart to create his new body, Obito was kept alive by the powerful regenerative abilities of the Hashirama cells. These cells, which were originally taken from the First Hokage, are known to possess powerful healing abilities and can even regrow entire limbs.

With the Hashirama cells inside him, Obito was able to continue living without a heart, at least for a time. However, it’s important to note that this was not a permanent solution, and Obito’s life was ultimately saved by other means, such as the Rinne Rebirth jutsu performed by Black Zetsu and Naruto’s use of the Six Paths Yang power.

How Did Obito Survive Konan?

Obito survived his fight with Konan by using his Izanagi technique. Izanagi allows the user to warp reality and turn illusion into reality for a short amount of time, effectively giving them the power of a god for a brief moment.

During the fight, Konan used her Paper Ninjutsu to cover the entire area with explosive tags. Obito seemingly died in the explosion, but he actually used Izanagi to trick Konan into thinking she had defeated him. In reality, he had created a clone of himself that he left behind to take the explosion, while he had transported himself to a different location.

Obito’s use of Izanagi allowed him to survive the attack from Konan and ultimately continue his plans to capture Naruto and revive the Ten-Tails.

How Did Obito Survive Amaterasu?

Obito was able to survive Amaterasu, a powerful fire jutsu, through his use of the Mangekyo Sharingan. He was able to use Kamui, a space-time ninjutsu, to warp away the affected area of his body before the flames could fully consume him. This allowed him to evade the flames and escape unscathed.

Kamui was a powerful technique that allowed Obito to warp himself and others to another dimension, making him nearly invincible in battle. With this technique, he could avoid virtually any attack, including Amaterasu.


In conclusion, the question of how Obito survived has been answered. It was Madara who saved him by using Zetsu to rescue him multiple times. This was all part of Madara’s grand plan to further his project, and Obito was a crucial piece in that puzzle. It’s fascinating to see how intricate the plot of Naruto is and how all the pieces fit together.

If you have any further questions or queries about how Obito survived, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We’re here to help you understand the world of Naruto and all its intricacies.




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