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How to Deal With the Take the Biscuit Bug in ‘Hogwarts Legacy’



In this article, you will get detail regarding How to Deal With the Take the Biscuit Bug in ‘Hogwarts Legacy’

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Magical world Hogwarts Legacy is full of side quests, but few are as charming as Get the Biscuit, which tasks you with rescuing an adorable Moon Calf known as Biscuit from a group of poachers. Unfortunately, players didn’t find the quest as charming as it was made out to be, as a nasty bug prevents users from opening Biscuit’s cage and completing their mission.

If you came across “Take a Biscuit” Hogwarts Legacy bug, you are not alone. Here’s a closer look at the error and what you can do to prevent it from occurring.

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Hogwarts Legacy Take the location for the biscuit quest

Source: Avalanche Software

Take the Biscuit ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ bug.

You’ll first encounter the “Get a Biscuit” quest when you venture into Hogsmeade and talk to Garnuff, a goblin hiding under a nearby bridge. They will ask you to rescue their pet Mooncalf, named Biscuit, who has been kidnapped by local poachers. Acquiring quests and sending poachers is usually error free. But as soon as the players try to free Biscuit from his cage, things go south.

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To release the biscuit Hogwarts Legacy, you will have to cast Alohomora. Unfortunately, this just doesn’t work for some players – and there don’t seem to be many solutions to the problem. This leaves you stuck with an unfinished mission in your quest log without any reasonable way to complete it.

How to fix the biscuit bug in ‘Hogwarts Legacy’.

Fortunately, the development team seems to be aware of the problem. Chandler Wood, community manager at Avalanche Software, posted a message to Twitter in mid-February discussing the biscuit.

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“We know some of you are having trouble saving the Mooncake,” the post said. “We’re not going to leave this adorable Moon Calf in his cage, so we have a fix coming in a later patch.”

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Wood doesn’t mention an ETA for the patch, and it appears players are still experiencing the issue at the time of writing. For now, Wood says that players who have yet to start the “Take the Biscuit” quest should avoid the bandit camp “northeast of the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame” to ensure they don’t start the bugging quest. In particular, they should avoid Biscuit’s cage and should not unlock it before starting the quest.

Biscuit Bug cage locking mechanism

Source: Avalanche Software

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In the meantime, a few Hogwarts Legacy players came up with their own fixes for the Biscuit quest. Some players report that simply turning off their console or restarting the game fixed the Biscuit error, while others suggest abandoning the quest and starting over. These aren’t foolproof fixes and aren’t guaranteed to work, but they’ll at least give you something to try while you wait for an official patch from Avalanche Software.

Keep your eyes on the official Support for WB games account for more details. It also wouldn’t hurt to follow up Chandler Woodsince the community manager is constantly posting updates about the game on Twitter.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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How to Deal With the Take the Biscuit Bug in ‘Hogwarts Legacy’

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