How to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on TikTok for free?


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World Cup 2022. TikTok

FIFA World Cup 2022, the biggest football championship in the world. The television rights of the event were sold worldwide for a billion dollars. However, China seems to have different plans for its soccer fans. Social media app “TikTok” will stream matches in 4k for free in China according to sources. FIFA World Cup 2022 free on tiktok app only in China.

Douyin, which is well known as “TikTok”, has officially announced that it will stream FIFA World Cup matches for free. The company confirmed this and said that the live stream is only available in China. Douyin earns the rights for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022. Just as Facebook holds the free-to-air television rights for some soccer leagues such as the LA League in Pakistan.

TikTok will stream FIFA World Cup 2022 matches in China for free :

The coverage through social media application is increasing day by day and bringing such big events to social media for free leads to interaction with more users. In China, TikTok will cover all 28-day events for free, in Ultra HD (4K) resolution.

How to find FIFA World Cup 2022 streaming on TikTok?

Simply open the app, search for “World Cup” or “Fifa World Cup 2022” and it will take you to a special dedicated page where you can watch 64 matches for free. Introducing this, TikTok is enhancing the more option which means you can send an invite to your friends, live chat session and post match interviews. The largest coverage available on beIN Sports worldwide.

  • an event: Fifa World Cup 2022
  • Social Media Application: TikTok | “Douyin”
  • Live broadcast: Only exclusive to China
  • corresponds to: All 64 layouts

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on TikTok for free?

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