If you’re a cyclist, Garmin’s new exercise bike looks better than the Peloton


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Garmin has released the Garmin Tacx Neo Bike Plus and it is an improvement on their Tacx Neo Bike. The new version offers more customizable features, a more realistic road feel, a free Zwift trial and more than 150 more training videos than its predecessor. However, the price is incredibly high, making it more of a bike for dedicated cyclists than for running enthusiasts.

The Garmin Tacx range is Garmin’s exercise bike brand and includes turbo trainers and some the best technical bike for indoor use to compete with the likes of Wahoo, along with exercise bikes to take on the likes of Peloton.

Although people grumble about the Peloton’s price, the ultra-premium Tacx Neo Bike Plus is even more expensive than that peloton bike gold Peloton Bike Plus (opens in new tab) and costs a whopping $3,999.99 in the US, £3,499.99 in the UK and AU$6,499.00 in Australia. It’s probably one of the most expensive exercise bikes we’ve seen.

However, Garmin has loaded this bike with features to make up for the high price. The feeling of the road is very realistic, right down to changing gears and driving on different surfaces such as gravel or cobblestones. It simulates the sensation of descending and moving forward with “dynamic inertia”. The bike can be connected to your TV or iPad with the Tacx training app enabled to perform simulated rides connected to two fans to simulate wind resistance. Surface, altitude, speed changes and direction are simulated simultaneously, giving you a truly realistic ride.

Maybe you’re training for a specific race and the Tacx Training app has saved your track, or maybe you just have a lot of money and have always wondered how you’d fare against Team Sky. But if you’re a regular cyclist, the effort Garmin has made to bring nature inside is impressive. It’s an experience you can’t get on a traditional bike connected to a trainer, which is why Turbo trainer vs exercise bike Discussion is pointless at this price. You pay as much for the simulation features as for anything else.

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Even if you’re not on your regular bike, you can log your workouts the same way with the Garmin Edge cycling computer. Edge works with Tacx to calculate effort, distance traveled and other metrics in the same way as when you’re on the go. It’s also adjustable for five different rider sizes while ensuring your bike is set up just the way you want it.

Garmin’s promotional material states that the bike is “designed for use by multiple athletes in the household”, and the use of the word “athletes” here is quite descriptive. In every way this is a serious bike for elite riders.

Perhaps the most famous maker of expensive exercise bikes, Peloton doesn’t want you to get outside. Why would? This means you spend less time on the bike. Using the tricks of social media to attract dopamine, Peloton’s content subscription service provides access to hundreds of live lectures and thousands of pre-recorded lectures on demand, some of which are packaged into programs.

It offers points for miles you’ve cycled (or run or rowed) on the machine of your choice, displays the number of trails you’ve completed, and lets your favorite instructors call out your username as they pedal with you, to make sure you get a shot of recognition.

What Peloton recreates is the feeling of a sweaty class spinning to hard music, not a ride from Mont de Marsan to Bordeaux, but that’s okay. As we discovered during a deep dive into the company, Peloton is of great value to its users, thanks to its addictive nature, despite the high price of the subscription service. The Garmin Tacx Neo Bike Plus is an incredibly expensive device, but it offers a much cheaper smart training subscription at $99.99 for a year.

Serious cyclists looking to train indoors should avoid Peloton’s add-ons and opt for the Neo Bike Plus or save a few hundred dollars and opt for a standard Neo Bike or even a turbo trainer. However, those looking for a fun exercise tool should steer clear of this over-engineered beast and look for cheaper options or even stay out The best cheap e-bikes.

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If you’re a cyclist, Garmin’s new exercise bike looks better than the Peloton

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