Introducing The Pescari X200: The 30.72Tb Ssd Ready To Take On Data Center Giants

## Phison Unveils Pascari: A New Brand for Enterprise SSDs

### Responding to the Surge in Data-Intensive Applications

In a strategic move to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for enterprise-grade storage solutions, Phison has debuted its Pascari brand of SSDs. The brand is specifically designed to cater to the data-intensive workloads and extensive datasets generated by the exponential growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies.

### Introducing the X200 Series: PCIe Gen5 Enterprise SSDs

The launch of the Pascari X200 Series marks the debut of Phison’s flagship PCIe Gen5 Enterprise SSDs. These drives are meticulously engineered to meet the most stringent performance and reliability requirements of mission-critical applications in data centers, hyperscale environments, and HPC systems.

### Key Features of the Pascari X200 Series

* Powered by the CoXProcessor CPU architecture for exceptional performance
* PCIe Gen5x4 Dual/Single Port for maximum bandwidth utilization
* Capacities ranging from 1.6TB to 30.72TB, accommodating diverse storage needs
* Blazing-fast sequential read and write speeds of 14.8GB/s and 8.7GB/s, respectively
* Robust security measures for data protection and compliance

### Expanding Market Reach and Value Proposition

The introduction of the Pascari brand is intended to broaden Phison’s market reach, making its enterprise SSD solutions more accessible to industrial and commercial customers. The comprehensive Pascari SSD portfolio encompasses the Performance X-Series, AI Series, Data Center D-Series, SATA S-Series, and Boot Drive B-Series, offering a tailored solution for every storage application.

### Implications for the SSD Market

Phison’s decision to produce its own SSDs has raised questions within the industry. Some analysts believe it may strain relationships with existing customers, as Phison will now be competing for market share. However, the company maintains that the move is part of its strategy to increase revenue per SSD by capturing a larger share of the value chain.

### Executive Quote

K.S. Pua, CEO of Phison, emphasized the significance of the Pascari brand, stating: “Introducing the Pascari brand marks a milestone for Phison as we continue to innovate and lead in NAND Flash technology. Our commitment extends beyond products; with Pascari and our IMAGIN+ design services, we are enabling organizations to custom-build flash storage architectures that precisely fit their performance demands, ensuring accelerated business growth and enhanced value creation.”