Is Killer Bee Dead? -Details Explained in 2023

Is Killer Bee Dead? -Details Explained in 2023

Killer Bee is one of the most iconic characters in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. He’s a shinobi from Kumogakure and an exceptional swordsman with his unique 7 sword-style Kenjutsu technique. Besides his impressive combat skills, Killer Bee is known for his rapping skills, often improvising rhymes on the spot during battles. He served as a mentor and a source of inspiration for Naruto and even helped him master the Jinchuriki Transformation. As the Boruto anime takes a new direction, many fans are left wondering whether Killer Bee is still alive.

Fortunately, Killer Bee is alive and well in the Boruto series. Despite his numerous battles and the countless dangers he faced, he managed to survive through sheer determination and strength. In this article, we will delve deeper into how Killer Bee survived two near-death experiences and discuss his current status in the Boruto series.

Killer Bee’s survival skills are legendary in the Naruto universe. He’s known to have escaped several deadly situations and even emerged victorious against many powerful opponents. Despite being gravely injured during the Fourth Great Ninja War, Killer Bee managed to survive thanks to his indomitable spirit and the medical ninjutsu of his comrades. Later on, he faced another near-death experience when he was captured by Momoshiki and Kinshiki. However, he managed to escape with the help of his fellow Kage and the next generation of shinobi.

Killer Bee is very much alive in the Boruto series, and his resilience and survival skills make him one of the most impressive characters in the Naruto universe. Despite facing numerous challenges and near-death experiences, he remains a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration for many aspiring shinobi.

Is Killer Bee Dead?

Killer Bee, the legendary shinobi and the Eight-tails Jinchuriki, has faced many battles and tough opponents in the Naruto series. Among them, two battles were near-death experiences for him. The first was against the Akatsuki’s Taka, and the second was against the powerful Otsutsuki clan member, Momoshiki.

Despite the severity of these battles, Killer Bee survived both of these incidents, showcasing his remarkable strength and endurance. In this article, we will delve into the details of these two battles and explore how Killer Bee managed to survive them. So, let’s find out if Killer Bee is dead or alive in the Boruto series.

The battle with the Taka

After training with Naruto, Killer Bee was attacked by Taka, Sasuke’s newly formed group. Despite being attacked first by Suigetsu, Bee was able to overpower Jugo using his sword. Sasuke then stepped in, but was unable to keep up with Bee’s fighting style even with his Sharingan. After being critically wounded by Bee, Sasuke was healed by Karin and the fight continued.

Bee became bored with the fight and tried to leave, but was tracked by Karin. After entering his Version 1 form, Bee attacked Sasuke, but was caught in his Genjutsu. With the help of Gyuki, Bee was able to break out and hit Sasuke with a Lighting Release: Lariat, blasting a hole in Sasuke’s chest.

Bee then transformed into a tailed beast and fired a tailed beast bomb at Taka, but Suigetsu was able to protect them. After faking his capture, Bee went on a vacation. However, Akatsuki discovered that Bee had escaped and the real Bee was later found and captured by the organization.

In the Naruto anime, Killer Bee was confronted by Taka, Sasuke’s newly formed guild, and he faced a near-death experience. Sasuke used Amaterasu on Bee, causing him to rampage in pain and crush Karin with one of his tentacles.

Sasuke severed the tentacle, and Bee used the opportunity to fake his capture by substituting with the severed tentacle and leaving behind a decoy. Taka delivered the decoy to Akatsuki, unaware that it was a fake, while the real Bee went on vacation. Later, the Akatsuki discovered the deception while attempting to extract Gyuki from Bee’s body.

The battle with the Otsutsuki clan

During the battle with the Otsutsuki clan, Killer Bee faced a dangerous situation. The clan was after Kaguya’s scattered chakra, and they attacked Bee, forcing him to transform into Gyuki. Despite his efforts, Bee was disabled during the fight and was unable to escape the blast from Momoshiki’s absorption of his tailed beast ball.

However, Bee managed to create an octopus leg clone and fooled the clansmen into thinking it was him, allowing him to escape with his life. Unfortunately, his chakra was extracted and converted into pills before the Otsutsuki continued their search. This ordeal left Gyuki unable to contact other tailed beasts. In the end, Bee was forced to return to Kumogakure, where he relied on his intelligence to once again save himself from danger.

Later on, Momoshiki was defeated by Naruto and Boruto, and Bee was rescued from inside his body. Despite his near-death experience, Killer Bee survived the battle and continued to live as the Eight-tails Jinchuriki.


Killer Bee is a legendary ninja with exceptional abilities, including the power of the 8th tails Jinchuriki transformation, Kenjutsu, intelligence, and strength. He is known for his impressive battle strategies, which have allowed him to fool death numerous times.

Bee’s octopus clone technique is just one example of his many tactics. He has survived multiple near-death experiences, including battles with Taka and the Otsutsuki clan, where he was able to outsmart his opponents and escape.

His impressive skills have made him a formidable opponent in battle, and he continues to play a significant role in the Boruto series. Despite facing many challenges throughout his career, Killer Bee has remained a resilient and cunning ninja, always finding a way to stay alive.

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