Jacqueline Fernandez’S Bold Career Tip: “Appearance Over Substance In The Early Years”

Jacqueline Fernandez Advised to Prioritize ‘Looking Good’ During Early Career Days

Jacqueline Fernandez Advised to Prioritize ‘Looking Good’ During Early Career Days

Jacqueline Fernandez Recalls Disappointing Advice

Jacqueline Fernandez has opened up about some of the disappointing advice she received during her early days in Bollywood, including being told to focus solely on her looks, hide her age, and get a nose job.

In an interview with Brut India at Cannes, the 38-year-old actress-dancer shared the story of an actor who advised her to “just focus on looking good” and that she “would be fine” if she did.

“I actually think that was one of the worst pieces of advice I ever got being someone who was trying to make it in the film industry,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez also recalled a time when she was nearing 30 and an actor suggested she alter the age on her passport, telling her that actresses in Bollywood struggle to find work once they reach 30.

“So that was really disappointing to hear, but women are getting films at every age in their careers right now. And I think that’s an amazing thing,” she said.

Fernandez’s Advice to Aspiring Actors

Fernandez’s experiences highlight the challenges that actresses often face in the film industry, particularly with regard to ageism and unrealistic beauty standards.

She encourages aspiring actors to focus on their talent and skills, rather than trying to conform to narrow societal expectations.

“I think it’s important for young actresses to know that they don’t have to look a certain way to be successful,” she said. “There is room for everyone in this industry, regardless of their age or appearance.”

Fernandez’s Current Projects

On the professional front, Jacqueline Fernandez is currently working on the highly anticipated comedy film Welcome to the Jungle, set to release on December 20, 2024.

She is also expected to appear in several other projects in the near future.