Jax & Brittany ‘Exploring Options’ Amid Split: Who Are They Seeing Now?

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Reportedly Exploring Dating Other People Amid Separation

Separation and Potential Divorce

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have been experiencing marital difficulties for an extended period. Despite denial in the past, Taylor recently disclosed that they are considering divorce as a potential last resort.

Openness to Dating

Taylor revealed that he and Cartwright have agreed to possibly date other people while attempting to save their marriage. This decision is part of an effort to exhaust all options before filing for divorce.

Exploration of Options

According to Taylor, they are actively seeking therapy and exploring separation. The potential for dating others falls within this exploration, with specific rules established between the couple.

Seeking Resolution

Taylor emphasized that their marriage is a priority and they are dedicated to finding a resolution that works for them. However, they recognize that it may involve exploring other dating options to foster personal growth.

Marriage Dynamics

Taylor acknowledged that every marriage is unique, and their decision to explore dating while separated is tailored to their specific circumstances. He stated that both parties are in agreement and are committed to preserving their marriage if possible.

Challenges and Support

While the separation and exploration of dating may present challenges, Taylor expressed his gratitude for the support they have received. He thanked their fans for respecting their privacy and sending them well wishes.

Online Response

The news of Taylor and Cartwright’s dating agreement has sparked discussions online. Some observers have expressed support for their decision to explore all options, while others have questioned whether it could further strain their relationship.

Future Outlook

It remains to be seen how Taylor and Cartwright’s exploration of dating will impact their marriage. They have publicly stated their hope to reconcile and have emphasized the importance of communication and mutual respect.