Jennifer Lopez’S Ai Nightmare: Ads Exploit Image, Promote Unfamiliar Products

## Jennifer Lopez Raises Concerns Over Misuse of AI in Deepfake Advertisements: “It’s Really Scary”

May 27, 2024 10:38am PT

Los Angeles – Jennifer Lopez, the acclaimed actress and music icon, has recently spoken out about the alarming misuse of AI technology in deepfake advertisements.

### Deepfake Ads Exploiting Celebrity Images

In an exclusive interview for her latest Netflix film, “Atlas,” Lopez expressed her concern over unauthorized deepfake ads featuring her likeness. These ads, she said, have been “selling skincare that I know nothing about” using digitally altered images of her face with “wrinkles” added.

“It’s really scary,” Lopez emphasized. “Right away, we had them stealing our faces.”

### Ethical Implications of AI

The actress highlighted the ethical implications of such practices and the potential for AI abuse. Deepfake technology, while offering opportunities for creative expression, can be exploited for malicious purposes such as identity theft, fraud, and political manipulation.

“I think you should be respectful of AI,” Lopez stated. “We have to be open to all possibilities, but we also need to be mindful of the potential risks.”

### AI in “Atlas”

In “Atlas,” Lopez portrays the titular character, an AI-aided data analyst tasked with saving the Earth from a rogue robot. The film, directed by Brad Peyton, explores both the positive and negative aspects of AI.

“This movie does a good job of showing how AI could go incredibly wrong, and also this is how it could go really right,” Lopez said.

### Sterling K. Brown Praises Lopez’s Work Ethic

Joining Lopez in the cast of “Atlas” is actor Sterling K. Brown, who plays a military officer fighting alongside her character. Brown expressed his admiration for Lopez’s professionalism and dedication.

“Moguls be moguling,” Brown remarked. “She has a remarkable work ethic. There was always something happening.”

### “Atlas” Success on Netflix

“Atlas” has been a critical and commercial success, ranking among the top 10 most watched movies on Netflix during Memorial Day weekend. The film has received praise for its engaging storyline, stunning visuals, and timely examination of the ethical implications of AI.

### Conclusion

Jennifer Lopez’s concerns over the misuse of AI in deepfake advertisements raise important questions about the responsible development and deployment of this powerful technology. With AI poised to revolutionize various industries, it is crucial to prioritize ethical considerations and prevent its exploitation for harmful purposes.