JoJo Siwa Clarifies Her Feeling About The Word Lesbian

JoJo Siwa Clarifies Her Feeling About The Word Lesbian



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In this article, you will get all the information regarding JoJo Siwa Clarifies Her Feeling About The Word Lesbian

Jojo Siwa has revealed her thoughts on the term ‘lesbian’ after facing controversy for not using it to identify her sexuality.

JoJo Siwa clarifies how she feels about the word ‘lesbian’

JoJo Siwa took to social media on July 29 to refute allegations that she thought the word “lesbian” was a “dirty word”.

The 19-year-old said in the TikTok video, ‘Well, I’ve been going through my comments and I just want to say something very clear. I’ve never said lesbian is a dirty word, and I’ll never say it’s a dirty word because it’s not.

She further clarified, “It’s not a bad word, it’s not a slur, especially not a word I’m ashamed to say or in any way identify as shameful.”

Siwa went on to say, “Whenever someone talks to me about my sexuality, I say I’m gay.”

Siva continued, “If it makes sense, it’s not a word that comes off the tongue to me.”

Why is JoJo Siwa facing backlash?

JoJo Siwa has been slammed online after saying she doesn’t like to describe herself as a ‘lesbian’.

She said, ‘I don’t like the word itself. like a lot. But I mean, at the end of the day, that’s who I am.

She further said in the controversial interview, “You can be queer and you can be teenage. I think it’s a thing, a lot of times ‘lesbian’ is considered masculine.

Siwa added, “If you’re a lesbian, you should be, do you want to be a boy? It’s not. There are a lot of very feminine lesbians.

One user noted that Siwa should be “100% responsible for what she said.”

They continued, “I hope she learns to accept herself and who she is. But that’s my sympathy. Her words are extremely damaging and she should know better.”

However, many fans stood up to defend the young internet celebrity.

One fan commented: “Lesbian is not an ugly or bad word but a lot of people need time to grow up. As a celebrity she could have chosen to just say she prefers to be called gay but likes. She just came out and still under the age of 19.

JoJo Siwa Clarifies Her Feeling About The Word Lesbian

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