Judges’ New Assignments: Shake-Up In Anti-Terrorism Courts And Lahore High Court

## Judges Appointed to All Anti-Terrorism Courts in Punjab

Lahore, Pakistan – The Lahore High Court (LHC) has confirmed that judges have been appointed to all anti-terrorism courts (ATCs) across Punjab province.

### LHC Chief Justice’s Statement

LHC Chief Justice Malik Shahzad Ahmed expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by the Advocate General Punjab in facilitating the appointment process. He also commended the positive role played by the Advocate General.

### Anti-Terrorism Court Judge Appointments

The Punjab Home Department announced the appointment of six new judges to ATCs in various cities across the province. The appointed judges and their respective courts are as follows:

– Lahore:
– Khalid Arshad – Judge of Anti-Terrorism Court I, Lahore
– Irfan Haider – Judge of Anti-Terrorism Court II, Lahore
– Sargodha:
– Muhammad Abbas – Judge of Anti-Terrorism Court, Sargodha
– Gujranwala:
– Muhammad Naeem Saleem – Judge of Anti-Terrorism Court, Gujranwala
– Faisalabad:
– Raja Shahid Zameer – Judge of Anti-Terrorism Court, Faisalabad
– Sahiwal:
– Ziaullah Khan – Judge of Anti-Terrorism Court, Sahiwal

### Upcoming Appointments

The Advocate General Punjab assured the chief justice that any further appointments required elsewhere in the province would be completed promptly.