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Formerly married to Unorthodox Life star Julia Haart, Yosef Hendler has an estimated net worth of around $2 million.

Because she is so friendly and understanding with his children, Julia has won the hearts of many people. What is his total net worth?

Julia Haart, a contemporary fashion mogul who was formerly part of a traditional Jewish community in Monsey, New York, stars as the protagonist of the intriguing television series My Unorthodox Life, available to stream on Netflix.

She gained instant notoriety for her outspoken views on the traditional Jewish way of life and for leaving her traditional Haredi community in search of fame, fortune and the fashion industry.

Haart was previously married to Yosef Hendler, and she described their union as a prison before she could face the outside world and embrace her newfound independence. Not only is he her first husband, but he is also the biological father of her four children from a previous relationship.

Today, Julia is a well-known TV personality, as well as a highly successful business woman. She entered the fashion industry by launching her own line of shoes, rising through the ranks to become CEO of Elite World Group and working as the creative director of high-end clothing brand La Perla.

Julia Haart is the first to admit she has changed both her name and personality multiple times. How does her ex-husband Yosef Hendler make a living, even though she is quite successful in her field?

Joseph Hendler

Joseph Hendler

Yosef Hendler has a net worth of around $2 million

As Chief Executive Officer of DBA Logical Buildings, Yosef Hendler is said to have a net worth of approximately $2 million.

Logical Buildings is a creative building services provider, intelligent building software developer, IoT and DER systems integrator, and behavior management service provider.

Its clients are the best in their fields and integrate the services and technologies of smart building AI platforms to increase their NOI and NAV on an individual property basis.

According to Women’s Health, his ex-wife Julia is worth over $600 million. On the other hand, his current wife has no assets.

She launched her career by launching the show’s brand. When asked about her company by People magazine, she explained that while she has received support from investors, the company’s success ultimately stems from the network she has built.

Julia Haart was able to make a substantial profit from the sale of her brand after it had become widely known. She later got the position of creative director at La Perla, an Italian design company specializing in lingerie.

In 2018, Julia became a co-owner of Elite World Group (EWG), and by 2021 the company’s value had grown to $1 billion.

In addition, her share of the co-ownership added about half a million dollars to her total wealth. Over 5,000 musicians, actors, models and others from around the world are represented by a talent media organization called EWG. A-list superstars like Kendall Jenner, Irina Shayk and Iman are part of her team.

According to Trend Net Worth, Julia Haart, the former CEO, has reportedly made nearly $2 million in one year, which translates to $400,000 a month, as a result of her involvement in another industry.

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Josef Hendler Bio

The ex-husband of the well-known businesswoman Julia Haart is Josef Hendler. Julia recently gained notoriety from the Netflix original series My Unorthodox Life, which chronicled her existence and career. He is Jewish and has gained some admiration for his patience and moderation towards his children.

Yosef Hendler, currently in his 50s, was born on April 20, 1966 to a Jewish family. He grew up in Palm Beach County and was born into a strictly Jewish home to parents Reggie and Leo Hendler. He was an only child to his parents and has given no further details about his early years. It is confirmed that Yosef completed his high school education at a local Palm Beach County institution and attended Yeshiva University for his academic studies.

Yosef was formerly married to Julia Haart with whom he spent around 30 years before they divorced. They were legally married and had four children together named Batsheva, Miriam, Aron and Shlomo. His girlfriend Miriam has taken her wish to be openly gay seriously and also wants to change her last name from Hendler to Haart. Yosef was 24 when they married and Julia was 19. After their breakup, he started dating Aliza Schulhoff and the two also plan to get married shortly.

Real name Joseph Hendler
Date of birth April 20, 1966
Age (as of 2021) 55 years
Place of birth United States of America
nationality American
religion Christianity
sun sign


He has received a lot of praise for his participation in the new Netflix series and has also been praised for his success with his children. He keeps in touch with Julia to help raise his children and is close to his children. Now he’s used to Monsey. Yosef is not known for being active on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, but he often appears in his children’s photos and posts on their accounts.

Yosef’s occupation and employment information is hazy, making it difficult to determine his exact net worth and salary. In any case, after examining his lifestyle, it is clear that he will start 2022 with a total net worth of at least 1 million US dollars.

Elite World Group’s CEO is his ex-girlfriend Julia Haart. From 2019 Julia and Silvio Scaglia will get married. His ex-partner Aliza was also Julia’s orthodontist. Julia compared Joseph and Julia’s marriage to a prison. His eldest child Batsheva, 19 years old and a model, recently got married. His son Aron is currently at school, his daughter Shlomo is studying law. His eldest daughter Batsheva spotted the Tik-Tok report of his engagement to Aliza.

Jeff Hendler's ex-wife, Julia, is a successful businesswoman

Jeff Hendler’s ex-wife, Julia, is a successful businesswoman

Joseph Hendler’s wife

Julia Haart and Yosef Hendler were previously married in an arranged marriage. Yosef and Julia divorced after 23 years of marriage. Yosef was 24 years old at the time Julia and Yosef got married. Silvio Scaglia Haart and Julia are currently married and both own Elite World Group, although Julia serves as CEO.

Julia taught at the Atlanta Jewish Academy before her divorce, and it has been said that her students adored her for her cheeky teaching style. In contrast, Yosef is married to Aliza Schulhof.

Personal life

Julia Haart was Yosef’s ex-wife and the two were married for almost thirty years before divorcing. They are parents to four children, all sharing the names Batsheva, Miriam, Aron and Shlomo. Their marriage was arranged. Miriam, his daughter, has disclosed that she is bisexual and has also expressed a desire to change her surname from Hendler to Haart. Yosef was 24 when they married while Julia was only 19. After the split, he started a relationship with Aliza Schulhoff and now the two are engaged and planning to get married in the near future.

Both his performance on the last show aired on Netflix, which garnered him a lot of attention, and his forward-thinking parenting style have earned him a lot of praise. He has strong bonds with his children and also keeps regular contact with Julia so that she can help him raise them. He is currently based in Monsey. Yosef is not known to be active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter; However, he can often be seen in pictures and posts by his children on their respective accounts.

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relationship status

When Julia Haart was just 19 years old, she married Yosef Hendler, a person she had never met before. Yossef was five years her senior and attended Yeshiva University at the same time. When they finally divorced, the couple had been married a total of 23 years.

Julia and Yosef’s children take up most of the screen time on The Unorthodox Life, with only a small portion of the show devoted to Julia’s successful work in the fashion industry. Her daughter Batsheva is a “lifestyle blogger” who helps models with her Instagram profiles, and her husband Ben Weinstein is a real estate agent who is dissatisfied with his job and wishes he had received a higher yeshivah education. Her two oldest children, Batsheva and Shlomo, were young adults when she moved out of the home. Batsheva is a “lifestyle blogger” who helps models with her Instagram profiles, and Shlo

Meanwhile, Shlomo is a lawyer who continues to observe Shabbat and is just getting into the dating scene. The younger daughter Miriam is an app designer. She also speaks publicly about being bisexual, which she credits to her mother’s support for her free-spirited lifestyle. On the other hand, Aron goes to a high school that is open to both sexes. (The fact that her child didn’t interact with women caused Julia to worry that her son had been “brainwashed.”)

The majority of Yosef and Julia’s children currently reside in either Tribeca, the Hamptons, or Paris (where they rent a chateau).

family background

Yosef Hendler’s parents are Reggie and Leo Handler. In 2021, Reggie was 84 years old while Leo was 86 years old. The family also settled in Boynton Beach, which is located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Yosef Hendler is an acting advisory member of the Wharton Energy Network

Yosef Hendler is an acting advisory member of the Wharton Energy Network

Josef Hendler’s net worth

Due to the lack of information about his professional life and employment, it is difficult to accurately estimate Joseph’s wealth and income. He is believed to have a net worth of at least one million dollars as of 2022 based on the way he is living his life.


His current ex-wife, Julia Haart, leads Elite World Group as Chief Executive Officer.

Julia has been happily married to Silvio Scaglia since 2019.

Coincidentally, Julia’s orthodontist was also the ex-husband of his fiancée Aliza.

Julia had compared her marriage to Yosef to prison in a previous statement.

His eldest daughter Batsheva, who is now a model and just recently married at 19.

His son Aron is currently enrolled in school while his daughter Shlomo is pursuing a law degree at one of the universities in the area.

Batsheva, the man’s eldest daughter, was the one who broke the news to him on Tik-Tok that he was engaged to Aliza.

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