Kilo Aldıran Yiyecekler

Kilo Aldıran Yiyecekler


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kilo aldiran food
kilo aldiran food

One of the things you should not do for the sake of living healthy is consuming unhealthy fats and junk food to gain weight. These types of foods only cause weight in your stomach and can lead to serious long-term problems such as diabetes, obesity and heart problems. Peki, kilo aldiran healthy food nelerdir?

1: Süt

High in proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. Both casein and cheese are excellent protein sources. It can help to add body to your body. Yemekle birda veya antrenmandan oonce veya sornara gende iki bardak sut mey ıcmeyi deneyerbarizin.

2: Pirinç

Rice is one of the convenient and cheap carbohydrate sources needed to get kilos. Pirinç is also rich in calories. Besides this, you can also eat rice or vegetable pilav in terms of protein.

3: Dried fruits

Consuming dried fruit can be useful for weight loss. This superfood contains various antioxidants, proteins, calories and micronutrients. You can eat dried fruit, çiğ veya kavrulmüş olarak, you can also add yogurt and smoothies.

4: Kırmızı et al

Red is a rich source of protein that helps to strengthen your muscles and increase your weight. It contains leosin and creatine, which are the nutrients that play an important role in increasing body fat. Biftek and other red meats contain protein and fat that promote weight loss.

5: Potatoes and starch

Starchy foods like potatoes and corn can be a tasty option for quick weight gain. This food, which increases glycogen stores, contains carbohydrates and calories.

6: Tam tahıllı ekmek

Tam tahıllı ekmek may be one of the best carbohydrate sources to increase your weight. When prepared with protein sources such as eggs, eggs and cheese, it can be considered a healthy meal.

7: Avocado

Avocado is an excellent source of fat, antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. You can eat avocados in your meals, sandwiches and other meals that are necessary to lose weight.

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Kilo Aldıran Yiyecekler

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