Low-income investors sell their crypto faster

Low-income investors sell their crypto faster


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The American company Civic Science, a business intelligence company has thousands of cryptocurrency investors fill out a survey. This survey was about the impact the recent market crash has had on investors’ choices. This survey found that 26% of respondents said they had sold many of their positions. 20% indicated that they had only sold a small part,

It also found that the most financially stable respondents (earning more than $150,000 per year) sold the least. Only 28% of this group has sold its position. Unlike the rich, 65% of low-income respondents have sold their position.

Cryptocurrencies interesting among wealthy investors

Several other studies have shown that digital assets can be a very interesting investment for wealthy individuals. A survey that has been conducted by CNBC late last year showed that 83% of millennial millionaires own cryptocurrencies.

This wealthy group has also indicated that a large part of their wealth is in bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies. 53% of respondents indicated that at least half of their portfolio is in crypto. 30% said that three quarters of their wealth is invested in digital assets. 48% of these respondents also indicate that they plan to increase their allocation in crypto in 2022. Only 6% want to reduce their position.

Investing in crypto is becoming less popular

However, the opinion has since changed due to the hard decline that the cryptocurrency sector has gone through. In January, 54% of respondents indicated that the volatility in the market was a disadvantage. At the moment it is 58% of the respondents who think so.

Other reasons that keep investors from investing in the industry is that they don’t trust bitcoin. 10% indicate that they do not have the money. It also became clear that 5% of the respondents do not understand how to invest in this sector.

Low-income investors sell their crypto faster

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