Megan Fox rejects a critic who believes she hasn’t shaved (2022-11-11 14:59:22)


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Megan Fox rejects a critic who believes she hasn’t shaved

It doesn’t catch the eye.

Megan Fox hit back at an internet troll who mistakenly thought the actress’ delicately placed tattoo was an unshaven bikini line.

The Transformers star shared a series of snaps of herself and fiance Machine Gun Kelly dressed up as sexy elves for Halloween on Post on Instagram Thursday.

Fox wore a renaissance ball gown with a corset top and two slits that ran down her leg so her pelvic tattoo was sticking out. She added a crown, gold knee-high boots and white fingerless gloves and played up her glittery make-up.

While several fans applauded the elf band, one male critic accused the “Jennifer’s Body” star of not keeping up with her routine.

“All that money and she can only use a razor,” commented the troll. “She’s off my” list now.

But Fox, 36, refused to hear the fur-haters’ claims and quickly shut it down.

“Do you mean my tattoo wrong?” she wrote in the comments section before the sarcastic post: “Anyway, I’m devastated to be off your list. I was hoping you would marry me.

Megan Fox
Fox noted that a commenter mistook her tattoo for body hair.
megafox / Instagram

Many Fox fans praised the “Confessions of the Teen Drama Queen” star for not losing ground and blasted the commentator for his negative attitude.

– They are haters. can’t find anything wrong so they get creative with the bulls,” one fan wrote in the post.

– Like Megan Fox was bad twice because she wasn’t on your list. She is the queen. Reality check, another person commented, adding: By the way it’s 2022 if she wanted a hairy scale who cares! But it’s obviously a tattoo so I’m kidding.

“First off, @MeganFox would still be amazingly beautiful with body hair,” quipped a third fan, calling the troll a “sad and poor soul” and telling him, “Get off your high horse man, you’ll never be close enough to see one hair on her body”.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly dressed as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee on Halloween.
The couple also dressed up as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for Halloween.
Getty Images for Casamigos

Both Fox and MGK, 32, wore prosthetic elf ears during the photo shoot. In the caption of her Instagram post, the New Girl alum saluted singer Grimes, who infamously said she wanted to surgically alter her ears to look like a fairy.

“After that, we started to modify the elf ear very seriously. @grimes let me know if you find someone 🧚,” Fox wrote.

Kelly's machine gun is carried by Megan Fox on her back.
Rocker and Fox have been engaged since January.
megafox / Instagram

Fox also shared several shots of herself posing almost topless, with a small piece of fabric covering her chest.

She and Kelly had several coordinating costumes this Halloween. Earlier, they found themselves “mocking” Christianity disguised as a priest and a sexy maid.

They also masqueraded as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, with the “Emo Girl” rocker going so far as to suck what appeared to be cocaine from Fox’s chest.

The couple got engaged in January.

Megan Fox rejects a critic who believes she hasn’t shaved

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